Four of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Coins Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Four of Coins Keywords

Control, stability, security, possessions, material worth, and accomplishments.

Coins Suit Meaning

Coins are most associated with the outer realities of life like work, employment, wealth, and material possessions. Coins represent Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Earth signs are often known for being ambitious, hard-working, security-driven, and focused on the bottom line. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Coins, Disks, Pentacles, and Aces, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Four of Coins

In a tarot reading, the Four of Coins typically means that you have reached a point where you feel financially stable and secure; however, the Four of Coins can be considered both positive and negative depending on the circumstances. On the positive side, it indicates that you are being conscious and conservative when it comes to spending, in order to assure a fruitful financial future. On the negative side, being overly cautious with funds may cause you to become possessive, afraid to take chances, or just generally moody about money.

Four of Coins in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

In the past position, the Four of Coins could represent that your past efforts have set you up in your current positive position by saving money earned or holding onto items or amassing collections. If you’ve saved your childhood toy collection, for instance, now may be the time to cash in on that investment.

Four of Coins in the Present/Today Meaning

In the current position, the Four of Coins could mean that you’re holding on to things that are sentimental or represent an important period in your life. Remember, whether money or possessions, you can’t take it with you when you go. Perhaps now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labors in a new way.  The Four of Coins in the present position is an indication that there may be no better time to let it go and start of new adventure.

Four of Coins in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Four of Coins in the future position suggests you have spent a long time building up finances or treasures in order to have a comfortable life or a sense of security in the form of material goods and/or finances. It’s time to look into what you really want to spend your time doing in this world, as opposed to just sitting on your wealth. Financial stability is a vehicle, not a destination unless you plan on others enjoying the fruits of your labor. Give some thought to cashing in and enjoying life.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Four of Coins


If you’re single and looking for love, perhaps you’re being a bit too picky. No one, including you, is perfect. Loosen up a bit, have fun, and let love happen. If someone sees you are too high maintenance, they may just run in the opposite direction – that’s not what you want. If you’re currently in a relationship, this card could be a warning not to lose your individuality to the demands of being a couple.


The Four of Coins in a love reading could indicate that your behavior in a relationship is a bit too possessive and/or clingy. You’re possibly creating a relationship that is based on fear rather than love. True love allows for trust and respect and a bit of autonomy doesn’t hurt either. Besides, you can never really control someone else; in the end it will only push them away.

Career Meaning for the Four of Coins

The Four of Coins in a work/finances reading is a warning that you could become too set in your ways and overly focused on saving, and therefore you risk isolating yourself from others. It’s okay to go to dinner once in a while or to spend money on an occasional trip.  Yes, keep your eyes on the financial prize, but don’t lose sight of living in the moment.

The Four of Coins in a career reading can indicate that you are the type who prefers a job with stability, traditional values, and few changes. Working in an unpredictable environment would make you feel unsafe and insecure about your future. You prefer to go to work each day knowing what to expect, and you don’t find that boring.

Financial Meaning for the Four of Coins

Financially, the Four of Coins is a good indicator that you have worked hard so far to build your portfolio, and you can now look at some lower-risk investments. If you are on the younger side, the Four of Coins may just be a reminder to keep in line with your course of working and saving in order to meet your goals.

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