Weekly Tarot Reading: September 23 – 29

Weekly Tarot Reading: September 23 - 29

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This week begins with a waxing moon that becomes full on Monday. This first full moon of fall is known as the Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon is a famous song by Neil Young who recently sang it to Daryl Hannah at their private wedding ceremony. In honor of fall and the season of harvest, I’m consulting The Herbal Healing Deck to see what messages the flowers, herbs, roots, and trees have for us. Here’s your weekly tarot reading.

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Day (Sycamore; Subconscious): Sycamore trees spend a lot of time reflected in the water surrounding them. They stand in perpetual self-reflection, and the spirit of sycamore asks you to do the same. You are the creator of your life and each and every situation is a mirror. If your emotional state is harmonious, then you’ll likely manifest positive situations. However, if things are not going your way, accept full responsibility that you have chosen this reality—even if the choice was not conscious. Don’t pass judgment. Simply ask what you need to learn from challenges that arise now.

Evening (Goldenseal; Healing): When goldenseal appears, it’s time to focus on your own healing. As you clear away attachments to past trauma and pain, your innate ability to heal others will be activated. Therefore, your weekly tarot reading reminds you to be patient with yourself as you tend to your own needs. The flower essence of goldenseal can be used to release old patterns, situations, and energies that no longer serve you. It can help you let go of feelings of victimhood, all the while cutting energetic cords to those who have hurt you.


Day (Wormwood; Mystery): Drawing wormwood is a bit like drawing the blank rune. It represents the parts of life that are unknowable. You may be faced with a great mystery at this time, for some things are meant to remain hidden. People have long used wormwood as a way to peer into the mysteries of life. The spirit of wormwood can even enhance psychic abilities. Some work with it ceremonially to achieve telepathy, remote viewing, and precognition too.

Evening (Wood Betony, Grounding): Drawing wood betony serves as a reminder to stay grounded, according to your weekly tarot reading. Herbalist Matthew Wood praises the plant as a superb solar plexus remedy, improving gut-level instincts and intuition. Wood betony also has a history of use for protection against evil spirits. Wood betony’s message is clear: Grounding yourself will serve as protection from negative and disruptive energies. Therefore, spending time in nature will be of great benefit. Earthing (walking upon the ground with bare feet) is a very valuable practice at this time.


Day (Boneset; Structure): Boneset is a signal to focus on the structure of your life. Drawing boneset is a sign of slow and steady improvement in your life. Therefore, any effort you make at this time to improve your life’s basic structure will be worthwhile. The message of boneset is to hang in there, according to your weekly tarot reading. Keep working steadily toward your goals, especially those that will yield long-term results.

Evening (Aloe; Resourcefulness): When aloe appears to you, you may feel a sense of neglect or lack in some area of your life. Perhaps you are low on finances, lacking companionship, or feeling restricted in any number of ways. You may feel as if you’ve been “burned” by life circumstances or another person. Aloe asks you to focus on the resources you do have instead. Aloe also comes with a message of conservation, not only of one’s own resources but also the planet’s.


Day (Poison Ivy; Caution): Poison ivy is drawn at times that call for intense awareness and caution. There is a pressing need for mindfulness of your actions, words, and even your thoughts. Take care not to overstep your bounds—don’t meddle in others’ lives or seek retribution for a perceived assault. If you feel angry, allow yourself this emotion, but don’t act or speak rashly, for this will only worsen the situation.

Evening (Elder Tree; Ancient Wisdom): Drawing elder signifies your readiness to awaken to the magic that is all around you. Invisible forces are knocking at your door, beckoning you to heed the call of adventure and learning, according to your weekly tarot reading. Elder medicine has a gentle sedative effect and it’s relaxing to the nervous system. As you enter into the mystery, the key to higher knowledge is remembering to relax and care for your needs. A calm nervous system certainly allows you to enter into a meditative and enhanced state of consciousness.


Day (Yarrow; Boundaries): Yarrow is connected with Chiron, the wise centaur of Greek mythology. Chiron taught others how to heal with herbs and with the hands too. Yarrow reminds us to uphold our personal boundaries, even when immersed in healing work. When you establish boundaries, you create a protective shield for your own well-being. While healing work is a noble pursuit, you need not become a martyr.

Evening (St. John’s Wort): St. John’s Wort indicates an illumination in your life. Areas that have been shrouded in darkness may now come to light, giving you the information needed to make changes. Trust your gut feelings. They will point you in the direction of your soul’s purpose and passions, according to your weekly tarot reading. This plant is steeped in solar energy and you can use it to consider who you’ll let into your life at this time. Rely on your instincts. Allow your light to be so strong as to blind anyone of a lower vibration so they cannot see you to thwart your efforts.


Day (Violet; Introspection): Violet comes to you now to encourage introspection and the use of good judgment and acumen. “Look before you leap” is a saying to keep in mind. If you feel a yearning to reach out to the world, feel free to do so. But keep in mind violet’s unique method of camouflaging her most important creations—her seeds. After social events, it’s important to retreat into your own private world. Your weekly tarot reading reminds you to make introspection a daily habit by journaling, meditating, doing yoga or creating any other regular spiritual practice.

Evening (Butterfly Weed; Transformation): Butterfly weed is known by today’s herbalism community as a method for removing stagnation, both physical or emotional in nature. It heralds a time of transformation and renewal too. The time is ripe with opportunity to transform yourself, especially your creative self. When you come out on the other side of this influence, the “self” you perceive might look very different from the one you know now. Releasing guilt is especially important now, as this emotion is far too heavy for the spiritual wings you are developing.


Day (Maple Tree; Abundance): Like her delicious syrup, mama maple seeks to share with you true and unrefined abundance. Drawing this card heralds a time of wealth within your life. Maple carries with her an air of enjoyment that comes with having more than you need. In Celtic lore, passing a baby through the branches of the tree is thought to bless the child with lifelong success and health. Maple also teaches the importance of gratitude in times of abundance, so thank Mother Earth for all of her offerings.

Evening (Cherry Tree; Renewal): When cherry comes into your life, there is a need for renewal at the deepest level. Consciously or subconsciously, you may be grieving over the loss of innocence. Our culture places such a high value on youth and purity that we may begin to feel dirty, old, or worn out by the time we’ve had a few major life experiences. This is an illusion; your inner light and value are infinite and always growing. Therefore, tonight, visualize yourself as the perfect innocent person you were before any past trauma. Meditating on your perfect self will relieve fear and anxiety at this time.

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