Daily Draw: The Star

The Star is a very positive card! When this card appears upright, it holds wonderful news. A desired response or result is on the way. It’s is a great time to boost your faith and belief in your dreams.

The Star brings hope, protection, promise, joy, inspiration, good fortune, and spiritual happiness.

What more could you ask for?

This card’s imagery is quite calming. A young woman kneels at a pond’s edge, holding two urns of water. She pours one on the land (the material universe or earth) and the other into the pond beside her (emotions and imagination). This card tells us to dream is to create. There’s always hope, The Star assures us.

My very first Tarot card reading focused on my chosen career path. Having moved myself across the country to pursue acting, I wanted some inclination that I was headed in the right direction. Lucky for me, The Star card appeared in the reading along with other positive indicators pointing to my professional success. Whether that success is on a small or large scale, The Star card was the perfect answer to my question: It’s all up to me.

The Star reversed means there’s been a loss of hope. You have become doubtful, pessimistic, stubborn, or negative about a situation. You may be confused or lack faith that things will work out. Confidence and enthusiasm are gone and you may have difficulty accepting the help being offered. Instead of being discouraged, let this be a wake up call to seek help, meditate and self-reflect.

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