Daily Draw: The Major Arcana

If you are dealt three cards from the major arcana, what’s being foretold is now inevitable, no matter what you do. How do you react when the Tarot tells you that your destiny is now out of your control?

The 22 cards out of the 78 in the Tarot deck which make up the major arcana are considered highly significant. They indicate major issues or challenges, basic fears, and other powerful emotions. Any one of the major arcana indicate that the subject at hand is not fleeting or trivial. The presence of three of these cards is one of the most consequential warnings of all.

Here are some tips on fate and how to deal with the presence of three major arcana cards.

Fatalism in the Tarot
Fatalism is the belief that the future is fixed. Not only can nothing can be done to change it, but any action taken will naturally lead to the inevitable conclusion anyway. The great Greek philosopher Aristotle, the student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great, steadfastly believed in destiny and wrote extensive treatises on fatalism.

The showing of three major arcana cards in the Tarot is just another manifestation of this universal fatalism. The deck is letting you know that time has brought you to this juncture and now you have no choice but to submit to your destiny.

To break it down: it simply means you should welcome your destiny with tranquility and profound acceptance.

Have you ever had 3 major arcana cards dealt to you? Let us know what happened next!

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