Daily Draw: The Lovers

Love is in the air!

The Lovers Card often appears when you are faced with a crucial decision and must choose one path or another. This card cautions you to carefully consider the ramifications of your decision before making a final commitment. The appearance of The Lovers card could also signify that a new relationship or partnership is in store. When the 2 of cups also appears (upright) in the spread, you are probably dealing with an important relationship.

In addition, unveiling The Lovers also points toward harmony with others around you. This card really focuses on learning the ways of your heart. The card depicts a man and a woman showing that each brings a balance to become one. The woman represents the subconscious mind and emotion where the man represents the conscious mind and reason. Sound familiar?

In reverse, The Lovers card could indicate you have hurt someone or have been hurt. You might be involved in a relationship that is unsatisfactory, or worse, unhealthy.

It is important you take responsibility for all the choices you make and their consequences.

This card might also mean an upcoming health obstacle.

Take good care of yourself — including your heart!

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