A Fearless Sagittarian

Is anyone surprised that pop-country artist Taylor Swift is a precocious Sagittarian? The talented 19-year-old sped past other superstars at the American Music Awards last week to win Artist of the Year, among other top awards. Earlier this year, at the Academy of Country Music Awards, her album Fearless – aptly named! – won Album of the Year, making her the youngest artist in history to win that award.

So what’s her secret? Actually, it’s something she shares with precocious Sag sensations Britney Spears (8 years older) and Miley Cyrus (3 years younger): A powerful Uranus, the planet of brilliance. Swift has Mercury, Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn (she also has Saturn in Cap). Mercury rules the mind, Uranus rules inventiveness and Neptune rules the imagination. This compelling planetary combination helped her win a national poetry contest in 4th grade, and begin writing songs shortly thereafter.

But what’s most intriguing is the strong Capricorn influence. She’s not just talented, but unusually enterprising. She shares this trait with Miley Cyrus, who has Venus, Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. The icing on the cake for Swift is Venus in Aquarius, another influence of the rising young star. It also makes her exceptionally popular with the public. No kidding!

Why do you think a soul would choose to be successful at such an early age?

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