Daily Draw: The Hermit

The Hermit upright suggests that you rely on your inner voice and listen for wise advice to be given or received. Take time to withdraw from the world and reconnect with The Source. You have a strong inner voice that is waiting to speak to you. Meditation, patience, and deep reflection will enable this voice to be heard. You may be searching for an answer or have a strong desire to deepen your self understanding.

This card also suggests that you may be offering wisdom and guidance to another in the near future. Trust your knowledge and experience, be confident in your wisdom and seek to understand the best way to help others. Stay open minded and have faith the answer will come.

When the Hermit card appears reversed, it suggests that lessons learned have been disregarded.

You may be feeling lonely and rejected and this could be the result of not listening to your inner voice or the voice of others.

This card could also indicate a tendency to day dream and not take any action to help those dreams come to fruition. This draw reminds us to remember to learn from past mistakes and walk forward with renewed wisdom.

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