Daily Draw: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles, a practical lover of beauty and comfort, and a
nurturer to all creatures great and small, reminds you that there is
probably someone in your life who resembles this down-to-earth yet magical
figure — or, perhaps, that you will soon be accessing your inner queen.

When she appears it may signify the beautifying of your home, or the need for self-pampering when work becomes too overwhelming.

In love and romance, this extremely feminine — yet self-assured — woman urges you to avoid being desperate or needy. She suggests, instead, that you luxuriate in your lovable qualities, and let the good things come to you. In finance, all of your hard work and planning will soon pay off.

Spiritually, she reminds you to follow your inner voice, even if doing this challenges the status quo.

When the queen is reversed or inverted (upside-down) it may be a sign that you have been avoiding your practical day-to-day demands — or giving into pessimism, and general mistrust. There may be cynical people in your life who actually revel in their negative world view — and it may be best to avoid them, or let them go. A reversed queen may have become greedy, desperate for outside validation, or out of touch with herself as the kingdom stagnates. In that case, it may be time to meditate, appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, and recall that old be-here-now standby: smell the flowers.

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