The Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins (Pentacles/Stones) is a wise, dark haired and dark eyed woman. Generous and kind she sits on her throne ready to assist those who call upon her. When the Queen of Coins appears in a spread we must examine the cards surrounding her and the position in which she falls.

The Coin suit is not always about money and finance, but about values and anything the querent feels is important. When the Queen of Coins appears in the layers of the Querent or the person in question, if this card is inverted, we may notice this person is struggling with something of value or values.

She may be insecure as well. There is a client that I work with on a weekly basis. She and the man she is inquiring about always appear as the King and Queen of Coins. There are many reasons for this. They deal with each other on a business level, a personal financial level, the coin suit fits their physical description, and they are constantly battling through value systems.
In business, the Queen of coins may appear if a woman works with money or owns a business.  I’ve had the her appear inverted if someone in a finance or payroll office is leaving. I’ve had her appear inverted if she’s someone to keep an eye on because of dishonesty. I have also had coin people appear if the person in question had a name that has something to do with money like Gold or Green. Or a name that meant royalty like Elizabeth, Edward, or Ray.

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