Daily Draw: Ace of Cups

Emblazoned with the Holy Grail, which is overflowing with water, this fortuitous card tells you a new relationship, project, or take on life is coming to the fore. Get ready!

Aces signify sparks, such as the ones that that push you into new–and more positively exciting–places. They can signify actual pregnancy, the ending of an illness, or a spiritual rebirth.

Cups symbolize the heart, and in this case a deepening of your ability show and express love. Your cup truly overflows! Maybe it’s time to forgive someone else or yourself, to welcome deeper intimacy into your current relationships, or to say out loud for the first time what you really feel. The Ace of Cups brings you blessings, or shows you more clearly the ones you already possess.

When it’s reversed or inverted, the Ace of cups signifies a broken heart. You may have been very hurt, and you might refuse to love again. You may be experiencing stagnation in your ability to connect with yourself, or with others. Perhaps you’re in a loveless relationship, or you cannot find the inspiration to do the things you used to love.

The inverted Ace of Cups asks you to release those old hurt feelings from the past–so your cup will be full again. Getting over old hurts is easier said than done, but as the adage proclaims, “the only way out is through.”

Tell us: What did the Ace of Cups mean in your reading?

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