Why Are Scorpios So Sexy?

why are scorpios sexy

Scorpios have a unique sexual energy, capable of attraction that can make you hot in an instant.

You’re minding your own business, when you feel a sudden change in the air.
You look up, and your eyes snap into focus – fixed on the person who
has just entered the room. You struggle with the urge to check your
makeup or straighten your tie: a Scorpio is here.

Secretive, seductive, sexy!
There is just something about a Scorpio. Maybe it is those eyes… soulful pools of magnetism that truly see you, cut right through you, or chill you faster than can the coldest winter night. Or it might be the innate ability to extract the most intimate details out of you with such subtlety that it’s only days later that you realize they know your blood type–and you don’t even know their last name! Perhaps it is the way they move: quiet and lithe, as graceful as a ribbon of silk caught in a breeze–twisting, flowing, and caressing the wind.

When Scorpio energy is present, the moment will come that your brain wanders off, without permission. The conversation may be about the economy, politics, or fine wine–but you are probably imagining what they are like in bed. When you’re curious to learn more about your Scorpio, speak to a psychic!

Cosmic forces
Scorpio has two planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of aggression, and Pluto is the planet of magnetism. That is quite a powerful combination of energy, and it can be virtually irresistible. Also, Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of the zodiac–the house of death, taxes… and sex! Scorpio is also the fixed water sign in the zodiac. Water rules the emotions, and having the quality of being fixed infuses Scorpio with a deeper sense of purpose and an admirable concentration–traits that add to their sultry nature and sexual power. Celestially speaking, this is one sign that has everything it needs to entice, seduce–and conquer.

Passion and power
Scorpio is passion and power personified, shrouded and veiled in luscious mystery. Scorpios tend to be calm and poised–seemingly in control of their emotions and their surroundings. Even when they are still, you can sense that plans are being constructed and executed behind that contented smile. There is something mystical about the scorpion’s presence, and even if you aren’t sure how or why, you know you are under their spell.

The Scorpio partner
He is intelligent and wise, and she can be downright shrewd. You’ll jump through all those hoops to please them, and draw inspiration from their strength. Scorpios expect loyalty, understanding, and devotion–and you will do your best to assure them of all three. They can be possessive and downright jealous, but you will only see this side of them if they want you to. The Scorpio partner is usually the one in control, offering the most sensual rewards… or the coldest punishments. To be with a Scorpio is a gift from them to you, a journey of joy and frustration that will leave its imprint on your soul.


Extremely sexy, extremely complicated
The sexual energy of Scorpio is as complex as the person born under this sign. It is the power of creation in its human form, an ethereal energy that connects the physical with the Divine. Whether tender or dominant, this passion is the driving force that can be an expression of love–or sometimes an illusion of love, depending on what the Scorpio in question has in mind.

But don’t drive yourself too crazy attempting to understand the scorpion. After all, the one trait they all thrive on is mystery.

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