Sex Boosts By Element

Turn up the heat on your sex life by making the most of your natural sex appeal. Connect with your basic sexual energy through your astrological element – and then work it. You’ll give out steamier vibes, and – of course – you’ll both give and get more pleasure.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
You literally can make the earth move for your lovers, which should give you sexual confidence that doesn’t stop.

Look into your love’s eyes and hold their attention a bit longer than usual during the course of your day – and, later, as you touch their face and hold them close. Breathe together as you use your lips, tongue and fingertips to explore their being.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

You are such passionate people! Fire signs wear their sex drive on their sleeves and have an awareness of their own simmering sexuality.

Increase your sex appeal in the bedroom with even more fun and games. Foreplay equals more play if you play strip Scrabble, Clue or Candyland (and let your partner win, on occasion). Add pole dancing to your already long list of athletic pursuits, and teach your partner everything you know.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Calling all wordsmiths! Everyone craves compliments, and yours send lusty shivers through your partner as you stroke their body with your mind.

Enhance your lexicon of lust by inspiring your bedmates to even greater pleasure with these innovative acts. Use your verbal skills and add some arousing play-by-play commentary. And if that doesn’t put you at a loss for words, try to hold back your words – just moan when it feels good.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
You excel at romance and seduction – so just turn on the sex appeal to get under your partner’s skin – without saying a thing.

Sensual massages are usually floating around in a water sign’s bag of seductive tricks. Add in the unpredictable – kiss your partner’s earlobes and neck with an open mouth, as you intuitively release their stress, for an ultra-arousing effect.

What’s your sex secret? Tell us more.

66 thoughts on “Sex Boosts By Element

  1. Jacky

    i learnt one secret about myself……
    u need to sex a taurian brain first to have the best sex and then the heaven and earth and all the universe rocks and there is nothing better then a scropio to do the honours!!
    but taurians want stability and loyality in return as a price…

  2. abalo john

    me and mine girlfrnd are cancer,she is july 21,while am july 22.what to do now can i married her?hope they we be no problem

  3. chicasol

    How about Scorpio woman Aquarius man…sex out of this world! Can go on for hours and even days! Amazing, extraordinary, magical….soulmate.

  4. Allyson

    gemini to gemini was an amazing combo there are always four of you in the room trying to please and get please. There is a lot of steamy conversation to boot!

  5. Debra

    A female Capricorn and a male pisces awsome . Pisces very passionate with a loving laid back Capricorn . Very romantic interlude . Female Capricorn , and male Taurus not so much ..

  6. Sansee

    I agree!! Capricorn and Scorpio is a great team! I must agree. Capricorn and Gemi is not too great though…Libra is sort of lacking to me when it comes to passion.

  7. sherry

    I have to say that, at aged 57, I have had my share of romps, to say the least. I am a Scorpio and have never been inhibited in any way at all. It is totally about leaving your mind open and then all else follows…however, this Sagittarius man that I share my bed with now is so incredibly RAVENOUS, strong, attentive, masterful, exciting, gifted and never, ever fails to bring heaven to earth. Amazing, explosive, hot, incredible; just want to consume each other; feel like I could live off this alone. My body now does things even I cannot believe! This man nails it; he’s masterful.

  8. jackqueline

    scorpio taurus any clue my scorpio is just …. me for more and more and more!!
    the more i have the more i want of him
    sometimes i feel i have got obssessed

  9. diamond88

    You are sooo right, I am a scorpio he is a cancer, electricity at first sight, we fell in love almost instantly and that has been over 20 years ago, and the feeling for each other has only intensified. We melt into each other. We were both in our early twenties when we met.

  10. Piccola

    Aquarius f and Leo M is romantic, Leo is adore Aqua, Aquarius F and Sagitarius M very fun and perfect sex and Sag would like AQua eccentric. Aqua anad Capricorn not doing well, Aqua and Virgo, sometimes virgo romantic, specialy when get drunk hahahha, aqua and aries is great sex, aries man is very nice but don’t too agressive with aries

  11. Jan

    I have to agree with you on this
    one. I guess it doesn’t matter
    who’s who ex: female aquarius,
    male capricorn in my

  12. Melinda

    Diana, I am not sure what is wrong with your Aries man but mine is AMAZING! Best ever..hands down…always ready and makes love to his Libra woman all night long!

  13. Linda

    I’m with Carrie..Scorpio man, Cancer woman…like NOTHING i’ve ever, EVER experienced before. It’s almost too much to handle at times frankly.

  14. teigh

    Capricorn male cancer female wild, bold daring, unbelieveable fire, his strength and imganation lights my flames, passion , explodes… unknown tertiory to be explored

  15. Thinkerbelle

    Okay so here is my list of bests ever! I’m a Sag.
    Sag with Leo (there were two different ones born on the same day)… love lessons from heaven. Sag with Libra… I swear I went straight to heaven and the feeling lasted for days. Sag plus Taurus… nothing crazy but OMG!!! I don’t recommend, Sag with Pisces.

  16. Regi

    I think Virgo and Pisces… Great combo in every aspect. Mirrors of each other… complete each other… Virgo fulfills Pisces sex dreams with their imagination and confidence that Pisces romantic and sensitive so much need. All this combos make sex times to remember.

  17. megan

    scorpio and sagitarious is a great combo in the making love and wild side but there is a dud in between those times when u really get into it cuz they get to excited sometimes haha or just because they are learning ur body and to be honest there very very quick learners in what u really want im a scorpio and my man is a sagatarious and i love every minute of it i just direct and he nails it right on haha and then wants hes on it hes on it its a flare and very hott u should try it

  18. Verve

    If you have had a hard time getting into the bedroom (or any other place) lately, be sure to communicate somewhere away from the bedroom by asking and telling each other about some of the things you are either craving for or need generally. If one of you has had various strange experiences or has never had good sex, it is especially important to give that person what they need for healing…may take a bit of sacrifice on the part of the other, but the payoffs will be great. People need to learn to trust and feel vulnerable again and it really helps if the other person is very understanding and gives a little more for a time.

  19. Diana

    I have an aries, I am a Taurus and honestly-Im still wondering whats wrong because he is a dud and I am lucky for sex once every two weeks?!

  20. Mr.Prudun

    Now do I really have to be candid here.You find me a Scorpio woman and a Cancer male and I’ll show you exactly why the word SEX was invented.

  21. Carol

    Scorpio and Leo are another great combo in the bedroom. Some think that water and fire are not good together, but we can fill the bedroom with steam.

  22. wallace

    You have to have a open mind and new is good. You are not young to do it in a new way now are you? It keep it real and fun it can be a bit on the WILD SIDE LOL


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