Daily Draw: 3 of Swords

Like the image appearing on the card itself, the 3 of Swords signals heartbreak. You open the door to find your partner in the arms of someone else. You overhear your best friend laughing at you behind your back. Suddenly, your world is turned upside-down. You’re stunned, disbelieving, and finally heartbroken.

Literally, you feel as if someone took a sharp object and stabbed it through your heart. Even something as minor as a snide remark can feel this jarring.

In readings, the 3 of Swords often represents the nasty little curve balls that life can sometimes throw. Betrayal, abandonment, rejection, separation, and a reversal of fortune. These hurts are especially painful because they hit when least expected.

If you draw this card, know that it’s a valuable warning. There’s probably something askew in your life that you are unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge. Curve balls hit when we’re looking the other way. Look at your situation carefully. Talk to the people in your life. Don’t take anything for granted. Listen to your inner voice; it will help you locate the problem.

Lastly, it’s also possible that you are thinking about hurting someone else. This card reminds us that we’re all capable of cruelty. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes, sometimes serious ones. In the end, all we can do is trust in the goodness of life and try to live up to that ideal. When you slip, forgive yourself, and try to forgive others in turn, but, even better, head off trouble before it arrives.

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