Daily Draw: 2 of Swords

When the 2 of Swords card presents itself, it’s a sign of great indecision. You don’t know whether to follow your head or your heart. You’re at a crossroads and yearning for guidance and direction. You most likely feel lost, on hold, stagnated and most of all, confused. You could also be doing anything to avoid finding out how you actually feel about the issue.

The drawing on this card is of a young woman who is sitting with her back to the ocean and holding 2 swords. Because she is blindfolded, she is unable to see her way through this difficult time. Making matters worse, she has turned her back on her emotions (the ocean). Since she is seated in contemplation instead of jumping to action (which may be necessary to make the right decision), she is stuck. The jagged rocks and new moon symbolize the instability around her.

This card can also indicate a temporary truce, settlement, or agreement.

When it appears in reverse, the 2 of Swords indicates that a decisions has been made. Emotions are at the surface and you are no longer avoiding how you feel. Action is either already taking place or will take place regarding your decision. In reverse, 2 of Swords has exactly what it doesn’t when it’s drawn upright — the confidence to make a decision and follow though with action.

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