Femme Fatale Ex-Housewife!

Today is Nicollette Sheridan’s birthday. It’s no surprise that this sexy Scorpio played the scheming femme fatale Edie Britt on the hit TV series Desperate Housewives. Scorpio is the siren of the zodiac, after all. It’s also the sign of subterfuge — Edie’s character trademark! Adding fuel to the fire in Sheridan’s chart are multiple Sagittarius placements, including Mercury, Mars and Venus. The result? She’s daring, outspoken and especially adventurous. Divorced from fellow actor Harry Hamlin since the 1990s (and separated from domestic partner Michael Bolton just last year), this 46 year old singleton needs a partner who can keep up with her. Most importantly, it will take someone who respects her need for freedom to capture her heart.

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