10 Ways to Stay Frisky During the Recession

The past couple of years have been rough. The workforce has become more female-dominated, there are longer hours and more responsibilities for those who have a job, and more fear and panic button pushing the longer people are unemployed. The words ‘sign here’ are being replaced by ‘hiring freeze’ now that we’re in the business world’s fourth quarter.

Although the media has declared the recession over, it doesn’t match up the US heading to an all-time high unemployment rate. The depression that came along with the recession isn’t disappearing either after a few perky headlines. Morale overall is down as we head into a time of year companies are notorious for delivering more layoffs as Wall Street will get huge bonuses once more.

Dealing with all of that as you rush the kids off to school, work out seating charts for that awkward Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives, and figure out how much you can afford to spend this Christmas on gifts, it’s hard to find the time to feel like you want to cozy up to your partner. Here are a few suggestions on how to bring the magic back to your boudoir:

  1. Eat chocolate. Get a really great piece and indulge yourself, savoring it as it melts in your mouth.
  2. Use that commuting time to snuggle up with an Anais Nin novel or other erotica. You have to actively seek out sexy thoughts and if you are not having any of your own, just reading about them will get your synapses heading in the right direction.
  3. Take the time to pack a lunch and slip in an unexpected sexy note or flirtation –either for your lover or for yourself. By the time lunch comes around you will have forgotten you did it and then even a simple ‘Hey Good Looking!’ will make you smile.
  4. Get up early and go to the gym. Most gyms now have pole dancing and belly dancing classes. Embrace the healthy glow that you may have put aside in favor of putting other priorities first.
  5. Dance around in your underwear. Make a mixed CD of songs that get under your skin and strut your stuff.
  6. Unplug your electronic devices, give yourself a night off from constantly checking in or worrying one missed e-mail is going to ruin your career. Take the mental time you need to unwind.
  7. Take a hot bath by candlelight. Run the water over your tired feet and play with the bubbles.
  8. Practice flirting with store clerks or that devilishly adorable barista who delivers your caffeine fix of the day. You have to add these moments to your day so it becomes ingrained in your behavior.
  9. Dig out that sexy lingerie that’s balled up at the back of your underwear drawer and put it on, stop saving it for a special occasion. You’ll get a little rush every trip you make to the bathroom during the day, which will stimulate your eyeballs.
  10. If every day is ending with you dreaming of one of the Law & Order detectives, it’s time to hide the remote. If this fails, because your partner can’t live without TV, try a little unexpected French kissing and a massage during commercial breaks.

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