Psychic Workout: Stone Therapy

Have you ever walked into a spiritual store or a shop full of crystals and gemstones and immediately sensed an uplifting feeling? Crystals and stones have many different healing properties and different vibrational qualities, and have been used with the human energetic field for centuries.

A simple method to enable overall health and well-being is to utilize stones along the chakra centers, in order to rebalance the energetic centers and rid them from negative conditions. The chakra system consists of seven energy centers that rest along the spine. When disease or stressful conditions intensify, our chakra centers will become blocked and inactive. If one particular chakra becomes disturbed, other chakras will often become imbalanced as well.

The following chakra balancing exercise requires a partner or loved one to assist you. This is a wonderful exercise that can be performed with a lover to create and maintain health, while intensifying the romantic connection between the two souls.

Since this exercise requires utilizing stones with the chakra system, it is best that you briefly familiarize yourself with these subjects prior to beginning this exercise. Identify the seven chakra locations and where they are located on the body. Pay particular attention to the different energetic aspects associated with each chakra. To better understand stone properties, following is a suggested list of stones to be used for corresponding ailments or for invoking desired energies.

AMETHYST: Reduces negative energies. Improves psychic abilities.

BLOODSTONE: An intense healing stone which brings purification. Revives love and relationships.

CITRINE: Material gain, business success and prosperity.

FLUORITE: Mental clarity. Enhances your ability to concentrate.

HEMATITE: The most grounding of all stones. Calming, soothing, aids in sleeping.

JADE: Humility and compassion.

JASPER: Chronic health issues or when your energy feels low.

LAPIS LAZULI: Reduces anxiety, restlessness. Promotes intuition.

MALACHITE: Reduces depression and anger.

MOONSTONE: Maintains and enhances female health.

MOSS AGATE: Promotes agreeability, persuasiveness and strength in negotiations.

OBSIDIAN: Protection. Used as a scrying tool.

QUARTZ: A multi-purpose healing stone, as it can draw and send energy. An amplifier for psychic energy and aids in visualization.

ROSE QUARTZ: Emotional harmony, love, sexuality, romance, beauty, kindness.

TIGERSEYE: Optimism, and creativity.

TURQUOISE: Turquoise is the ancient absorber of negativity, and highly guarded by Native Americans. It is a balancing and healing stone, and brings energy into alignment.

This exercise can be preformed two different ways.

1. Align all of your chakras by using seven of the same types of stones. For example, are you feeling a little drained or under the weather? Place seven Jasper stones; one on each chakra point.

2. Use seven different stones to invoke different energies in each of the chakra locations. For example, if you are seeking to build confidence in public speaking, place a Citrine stone (success and prosperity) on your 5th chakra (confidence and communication). If you want to invoke love, place a Rose Quartz (love and romance) on your 2nd chakra (passion and sexuality). Here’s how:

a) Select the appropriate stones to achieve the corresponding desired outcome.

b) Have your friend/lover/child lie down on their belly on a comfortable surface, and close their eyes.

c) Begin placing the stones along the chakra points, beginning with the 1st chakra, the root chakra, and work your way up to the crown chakra, the 7th chakra.

d) As you place each stone, visualize the power of each crystal entering the person’s body, and encourage them to do the same. Have them participate visually by opening their mind to images and emotions that will offer insight into the chakra balancing and healing process.

e) After placing the stones, allow the person to remain in this relaxed position for 30 minutes as they interact with the energy of the stones.

f) Collect the stones in the reverse order, beginning with the crown chakra. As you remove each stone, place them in a bowl of salt water for immediate cleansing of the stones to dissipate any negative energy that they have collected, and so they will be energetically clean and ready for future use.

By performing this exercise, not only will you feel more in tune and harmonious, but you are developing a deeper relationship with your body, by recognizing the effects that stone therapy has on the human energetic field. In so doing, you are opening your soul to an entirely new way of appreciating these divine resources that have been here since the beginning of time.

What are your own favorite methods for working with stones?

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