Sounds of the Root Chakra

Energy. Vibration. Sound. Our revolving and evolving planet; the plants, the animals, the animate and inanimate; and finally ourselves – all these things vibrate to specific frequencies, and from these frequencies come sounds.

Within our bodies we have chakras, vortexes of spinning wheels of energy. When these are balanced, we live in health and harmony, and when imbalanced, our lives range from static to a cacophony of volatility.

Energy attracts similar energy: negative attracts negative, positive attracts positive. However, negative energy may turn to positive, and positive to negative, which depends upon a multitude of factors – one of which is the power of music, chanting, and sound vibrations.

When we feel imbalanced, we are typically carrying excess baggage and negativity that can, at the least, affect some of our daily moments and, at the worst, our entire lives.

However, we have the power to choose our own destiny; to choose happiness and balance or the reverse. To balance and work with our chakras is one of the most powerful choices we can make to bring balance, harmony, peace and lasting happiness into our lives. In order to accomplish this, one must begin with the foundation, our root chakra, located at the coccyx at the base of the spine.

There are a variety of exercises and techniques to bring balance to our root chakra. In this article, I will be discussing what specific sound vibrations, in the form of music and chants, can bring balance to our foundation.

Sounds for Foundation

Root Chakra Sound Vibration – 396 Hz


The fundamental sound for the root chakra is “Lam” which, when chanted, resonates with our foundational energy. It’s important to do this slowly, extending the word so that it sounds like “Laaaaammmm.” While doing so, you can visualize the color red (the root chakra’s corresponding color), while feeling the sound vibration reach your foundational root.


The musical note which corresponds to the root is C. This note can be either sung or played on most musical instruments. The most popular method is that of singing bowls that are tuned to the C note. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and buy a guitar or a singing bowl if you don’t have one, as there is a vast selection of mp3 and CDs that can be found through the Internet. Remember, it isn’t the method that’s important, but the sound.


Music can calm, inspire, uplift or help us revisit the memories of our youth. It is the soundtrack to our lives. And like our lives, our chakras have a soundtrack of their own.

Our root chakra forms our personal and individual foundations, and the earth is our physical foundation. Both are inseparable, and without either, we would not be here.

Our Planet Earth is millions upon millions of years old. It remembers all things; from her inception to the first spark of human life. We have been connected through the Earth to our long-lost ancestors who first made music and created tribes. In a sense, they are the foundation of the human race.

It’s no surprise, then, that the music which resonates with our roots is tribal; long before speech, survival was the primary focus (the function of the root chakra). Drumming is the most concentrated form of music for our foundational chakra, and it is most effective to do it yourself; alone or in a drum circle. This, however, may not be practical for everyone (or our neighbors!) – and, like the C note, can be done by listening to mp3s or CDs.

From sound to vibration to energy, from the Earth to our root, from our root to our hearts, and from our hearts to the heavens – and beyond the heavens, to the true source of all that is. May you find the songs of your soul that will manifest the greatest of all gifts: the gift of spiritual transformation.

What are your favorite methods for working with the root chakra?

6 thoughts on “Sounds of the Root Chakra

  1. ericabishop691

    absolutly amazing ! This is waay more in-depth than I have ever read. I cannot sing or at least i don’t think I can, but my hubby likes to hum in the car, in a flat tone, for a few seconds,quit,then hum again. At first,it was annoying, but now I find it soothing. Thank you for your wonderful and informative articles, Phoenix !
    i look foreward to reading these very much !

  2. pa75

    Fascinating! I’ve never learned about chakras before until the last couple of months. My son is a drummer and I will have to share this with him.


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