Psychic Workout: Bonding with Your Tarot Deck

So you just bought a Tarot deck, you’re on your way home, and the suspense of opening that deck for the first time is killing you. You can’t wait to begin working with it! Here are a few pointers to help you establish a bond with your deck:

Let Them Breathe

When you first take the cards out of the box, and unwrap the plastic cellophane, you can pretend as if the cards are taking their first breath. As you continue working with them, they will exude their energy, and take in yours, as well as that of anyone handling the cards, or anyone you read for. Select or make a special box or bag to carry them in, which will allow them to continue to breathe. Don’t try to cram them back into their little box. Doesn’t that feel confining? Unless you plan on becoming a Tarot collector, you can ditch the box!

Along For The Ride

Treat the cards as you would an extension of yourself. They go where you go. So carry them in your purse, or briefcase, and bring them along. Not only is this convenient for when you want to pull a card, on the spur of the moment, it also becomes a part of your identity, that is, if you want it to. If you are at lunch with friends, you can pull them out as a conversation piece, or even offer a reading. If they’re available, you’re more likely to actually use them.

Charging Your Cards

Perhaps you want to perform a ritual, to concentrate and personalize these cards. Some Tarot readers choose to set their cards out under the moonlight, overnight, or fan them out under the Sun. You can also smudge them with sage occasionally, when you want to cleanse the deck and remove some of the heavy energy. You can repeat this process as you feel necessary, or on a monthly basis, such as under each full moon.

Sleep With Them

It sounds a little silly, but you’d be surprised to know how many Tarot lovers sleep with their cards under their pillow. Maybe it’s the close proximity to the brain and our dream state. Maybe we secretly want to believe that the energy of the Tarot infuses into our aura. Maybe it’s just comforting. Regardless of the theory, it just feels like it strengthens the bond.

A Card A Day

Draw a card each morning, upon waking, to start your day with a special message and indication of what the day will bring. This is also an excellent learning tool for those less acquainted with the Tarot. After drawing the card, ask your guides to teach you about the meaning of the card throughout the day’s experiences. Then, at the end of the day, look up the meaning of the card and compare the accuracy and application to the day’s events. By keeping this exercise as a part of your daily ritual, you’re bonding with your cards, and only taking a few minutes each day. For those with hectic schedules, or who are busy parents, this is a preferred method for getting acquainted with the cards.

Let’s Get Physical

By that I mean, get your hands on those cards by shuffling them. You can do this in sacred space, or even if you are sitting in front of the television! Sift through the cards to simply get the feel of working with them. Slide them into each other, and occasionally turn them around. While sitting at a table, you can perform the traditional “poker shuffle,” or fan them all out in front of you, swirling them around on the floor. The goal is for them to feel as if they are an extension of your hands. I’ve yet to meet a Tarot reader that did not effortlessly shuffle the cards. Imagine beginning a Tarot session with a reader that clumsily handled the cards… Might make you wonder how long they’ve been at this trade if shuffling is not second nature. A Tarot deck in the palm of your hands should feel natural, no matter how bulky or oddly sized the cards may be.

The Tarot deeply resonates with many of us, drawing us closer, wanting to be unveiled, to reveal a deeper sense of wisdom and a source of guidance in our lives. What you put into Tarot is what you will get out of it. Why not take the time to form a strong connection with this amazing tool to see what it is going to unveil for you?

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  1. sangeeta

    Thankyou so much for this article.the point about not putting the cards back into the box they came in is thought provoking.


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