Le Normand Tarot: August 25-31

La Normand Tarot: August 25-31 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Picture the scene: the busy streets of Paris, nineteenth century, and word has spread in hushed whispers that Madame Le Normand has been spotted in the Moulin Rouge. Reports are corroborating that she is in the area giving readings to some of the inhabitants of the district. When questioned closely the recipients become quiet, not wanting to draw attention to the phenomenon, or the illustrious guests who may be visiting, but, if you ask,  a worker at a neighborhood bistro will happily recount seeing her enter through the side door of his establishment and ascend the stairs, where a sitting room has been furnished with table and chairs and an ebony box holding her cards has been laid in the top drawer of an antique cabinet.

Follow me now up the creaky stairway at the side of the kitchen. A cloaked man of imperial bearing, his hand in his lapel, skirts past us hurriedly and steals out the side door. He bears a strong resemblance to a certain emperor of another era, and we do a double-take as he exits. Having reached the top stair now, we knock once on the mahogany entrance to the attic. The center doorknob turns to the right, and a dark, veiled figure appears in the candlelight.

I ask her what we can glean about the events of this week. She smiles mysteriously and nods. She’ll use the tarot cards in combination this time for a detailed message for each day. Let’s go in.

August 25 – Sunday


The Garden speaks about networking, clubs, and communities. Gardens are places of diversity and life-energy that creates a place for enjoyment. The Key to unlocking dreams is the passionate energy and potential of all involved. Structure and boundaries are necessary as the House card tells us, to provide comfort, stability, and emotional safety for ourselves and others in group encounters.

Reflect: How can I honor my own and others’ differences and dreams today? Which boundaries are necessary in order to do this?

August 26 – Monday


The Bear is protective of its territory. Though some in authority misuse power, it seems that a kind, mentoring figure offers resources and assistance. The Ring symbolizes commitment. We realize commitment is an action, not a word. A situation that arises today is asking us to make an investment, and responsibility will come with it. Next, the Snake card reminds us to step with caution. Make sure to look twice before trusting. With proper detachment and compassion, safety will be maintained.

August 27 – Tuesday


A Bouquet is an offering of friendship and camaraderie. In today’s combination it is followed by the Birds card which shows a mothering figure giving advice that appears to be unwanted. The smaller bird looks away, distracted. The Clouds card follows these and shows that too much discussion of an issue will have the reverse effect from what we might intend. Trouble can come from gossiping or hashing things over beyond their due.

Reflect: What can I refrain from saying today that could cause more trouble? What can I contribute that will foster peace?

August 28 – Wednesday


Dreams, enchantment, and inspiration are on their way to us now. The Moon card reminds us that things are cyclic and changeable. It is followed by the Heart, which reminds us that, as Helen Keller said “the most beautiful things around us are not those seen or even touched”, but felt. Today will contain celebrations of absolutely all kinds of love: romantic, familial, charitable, and erotic. It includes passion for activities and things like art or music. The Anchor, in combination, suggests permanence, courage, endurance, loyalty, and commitment.

Reflect: How can I put more “Heart” into everything I do today?

August 29 – Thursday


The Letter is a communication medium of special significance. It will contain an invitation, announcement, or document of importance today. The card says: do not ignore it. A male soul mate or potential partner may have sent this letter and it contains clues to the future. The Lady card follows, and tells us that a romantic relationship is likely. She is facing the man and the letter, so it tells us she is open to love. Is she you, perhaps?

Reflect: Am I open to love today? What are the ways I can be open and still be clear-minded and take good care of myself?

August 30 – Friday


Samuel Smiles once said that as we journey in the direction of the sun, it casts the shadow of our burden behind us. Optimism and hope are on their way to us today. The Choices card signals that even if we are backed into a corner we can always find another direction. It can be confusing to have a lot of options, but the card tells us that there are no wrong paths because they all result in wisdom. The Book follows, telling us that there are vast amounts of wisdom available to us through spiritual seeking: literature, workshops, mentors, and many other forms of informal learning. Curiosity and daring will be rewarded with an abundance of information.

Reflect: What do I need to find out today? Where can I start to gather the information I need? What will it help me do?

August 31 – Saturday


The Fox card suggests a person of a wily and unpredictable nature. The person may have great physical beauty and charm. Although this is fine in itself, there is some reason this person cannot be trusted. The Scythe card following, advises us to cut ties completely in order to not be hurt by circumstances which will arise. The Rider card brings good news of a positive change. Though the Rider looks back, she trusts her horse (her destiny) to carry her forward. She knows that what she will find ahead is superior to current circumstances. It will bring her new opportunities and discoveries. In relationships, the best is yet to come!

Reflect: Am I willing to believe today that the future could be better than the past? Can I make changes and let go of someone in order to let that happen?

 An interesting Spread: The Grand Tableau

The basic structure of the Grand Tableau is to lay out all 36 cards in the deck in four rows of nine cards each, laid in horizontal lines.

It is a complicated spread and should only be used when the questioner wants to know about everything in his or her life: love, money, career, health, friendship, family, location, etc. It is a great New Year’s or birthday reading! You will find the significator of the client in the first three cards, top row, left to right. You will spot it by things like gender, coupled with sun sign triplicity. The way the client’s energy feels to you will suggest which card is theirs, also.

This spread, successfully interpreted, will make the connections between family and health, location and money, love and career, by the proximity of the cards to the significator and each other. Let your intuition free-associate and the story will unfold through images, emotions, and sounds that develop throughout the reading. The most important thing is to let your unique intuitive grid tell you which cards to pick, in which order.

The clock chimes midnight. Madame Le Normand rises and bows slightly. We now exit the same way we came in, down the mysterious back stairway in silence.

It was fun to have you with me this week for the Le Normand Combination reading. See you next time!

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