5 Tips to Hone Your Inner Psychic Abilities

5 Tips to Hone Your Inner Psychic Abilities | California Psychics

A Desire to Learn

At least once a month, I will be reading for a client and at some point during our call, they will say, “You know, I’ve always had a feeling I might be a psychic myself, do you think that’s possible?” When I give them an encouraging response, the question that usually follows is: “Do you have any suggestions about how I can develop my abilities, or do you have to be born with it?”

I am always thrilled to help people develop their psychic abilities. I love envisioning a world where everyone responds to their lives more intuitively. And while there are some of us who are born with a very powerful psychic talent, I believe that all of us have some psychic gifts, and with the right techniques, we can enhance what we have and use it to improve our lives.

Ready to Work

Psychic ability is a little bit like singing. If you get people together to sing happy birthday, or their favorite hit from the radio, most of us can get through a basic tune. Then, of course, there are people who have great abilities. What’s most important is not comparing ourselves too much with anyone else, but to work with what we have and continue to improve our abilities. I’ve met “born psychics” who couldn’t really be bothered to develop their gifts, and people with what might be considered average skills, reach great levels of ability because of their commitment.

I discovered my own psychic ability later in life. I’ve shared with some of you my experience of doing a “cold reading” of a person I met at a party; I thought I was joking, and I told her a few things about her life that seemed completely random. At that point in my life, I was already reading tarot cards professionally and studying astrology, but I didn’t consider myself to be a psychic. I did know that I had been very empathic as a child, which is a form of psychic ability, but I never had done a reading with details until this party. The woman I read for confirmed what I saw, and I started to realize that I might have a gift of which I wasn’t aware.

Some Suggestions

I worked to hone my abilities using a few tips which I will share with you now. I noticed that when I trusted myself, and approached my ability with confidence, but also humility, I had consistent results. My goal these days is to be the best psychic I can and to receive the clearest information for the people that I read for.

So, if you think you might be psychic, here are a few things to consider doing to help take your abilities to the next level:

  1. Trust Your Inner Voice
    I find that many of us hear a voice throughout the day that can tell us everything from, “Don’t go to work that way, the traffic will be horrible” to, “I wonder what Carol is doing these days, I haven’t heard from her in a while.” We think it is random that Carol just happened to pop into our heads, but then later in the day she calls and we usually say, “You know, I was just thinking about you this morning.” Most people write this off as a coincidence, but a lot of what we call coincidence is psychic. The next time you get a “hit” like this, take it a little further.Pause and ask, “Why did I think about Carol just now? What’s going on?” If you consider yourself to be empathic, try to connect emotionally. Do you feel sad, excited, frustrated, angry? Do you see an image of any kind? Don’t push too hard; often with psychic ability, it is the first impression that is the clearest. A client of mine tried this with a friend of hers who she thought about throughout the day and had a hunch was going to call. She didn’t know why but she kept seeing her friend in the kitchen. A day later this same friend called and asked her about a family recipe that she wanted.
  2. Let Yourself Play – Don’t be Afraid to be Wrong
    One thing that shuts down our abilities to be better psychics is our fear that we will be wrong or look foolish if we make a prediction. It is okay to make mistakes as you are practicing. Sometimes you are more accurate than you think, but you may have read the signals wrong. This same client above thought she smelled apples and that her friend was making a pie, but the recipe she wanted was for a dinner dish, apples had nothing to do with it. But she was right about food and cooking, and that was what we focused on. If you have to be perfect, it is a lot harder to cultivate your ability. Praise yourself for trying and for when you get something right. Part of the goal is learning to trust yourself. Sometimes psychic hits can seem to come out of left field – go with your first impression.
  3. Take a Class, Read a Book, Find a Teacher
    Some people are self-taught, but for most of us, just like you would find a teacher if you wanted to play the guitar better, finding a teacher can be helpful. The teacher might come from a good book on the subject, an article like this one, or a video. Ultimately, your abilities will come from you. I’ve been reading professionally for close to thirty years and I still take a class from time to time. Find circles where people are studying like you. It is great to practice your skills with strangers in a safe environment. You can say to the man next to you in the gray suit and briefcase, “Why do I keep seeing you with hiking gear climbing a mountain.” He’ll say, “Because I’ve always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. I’m planning on going next year.” Taking a class can give us a place to play.
  4. Stay Open and Relax
    Some people consider psychic ability to be a deeper form of listening. Just listening better in your life with your family and friends can be a way of cultivating your psychic ability. As you open yourself up to deeper levels of listening, you will find that you are hearing things on another level. Sometimes you will hear someone telling you a story, “Oh, work is fine,” and yet with your intuitive ear, you are hearing something else: “I really hate my job. I’m exhausted. I’d love to quit.” This is what I listen to in my readings, the point when I would ask this person, “I sense that you might be a little unhappy with work. My cards are showing with the Eight of Coins and The Seven of Cups that you’ve been wanting to be more independent, maybe start your own business.” Usually, that’s when the confirmation comes. “I’ve always had that dream, but I just don’t know how to get started.”My point here is that when you are present with people, sometimes psychic impressions come naturally. Become a better listener, and spend some time every day in meditation, even if only for five or ten minutes. When we quiet our minds, we listen better, and we become better psychics.
  5. Be Responsible
    Occasionally, I’ve met someone who has practiced for one week and then decides they are ready to start doing readings professionally, or they begin telling everyone in their lives what they see psychically. There is a timing for that. In the early stages, the focus is on getting better and accurate with ourselves. Try seeing what happens with your own intuitive insights first. When the time is right to read for others, you will know. It is important that people don’t feel harmed and violated. Not everything is a psychic impression. Telling your best friend that you see her boyfriend cheating on her because “you see him having dinner with a strange woman,” only to find out he’s gone out with his boss to discuss an upcoming work event, could get you into a lot of trouble. Keep the focus on yourself, and always ask permission if you are going to share an insight or perception with someone.

Finally, cultivating your psychic abilities begins whenever you are ready. Trust yourself, and jump in. A world of greater insight awaits. And if you never read for anyone and just improve your life, that’s fine too. The main thing is learning to trust yourself. Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Hone Your Inner Psychic Abilities

  1. Psychic Ben

    Good advice! What a huge subject! Meditation is so important and I would start with learning how to open and balance chakras, connect with the universe and draw down its power and always ask for protection before you start and of course close down afterwards and balance yourself once again. Create a safe place for yourself to go to when you want some peace. Learn how to ground yourself too! I used to just open myself up and see what came and still do! Making yourself an open vessel to spirit is important and I agree sometimes we can try too hard, so trust in what you are given pass it one even if it makes no sense to you; it is for the recipient to work out the meaning, the penny doesn’t always drop immediately! Have fun, be compassionate and truthful and don’t ever put your own views on others and their circumstances I believe you have to suspend your own judgement, if you feel uncomfortable about an issue say so and move on! Finally never make a decision for people it is for them to decide based on the opportunities and circumstances, your there to help not dictate! Good luck and I know if you need help to develop you will always find here with CP and its Psychics! !

  2. Reema

    Your unit is very worthy of appreciation and of innovation.
    Becoming apsychic is now my prime learning objective ,though right now only on a local level . Your articles are wide ranging and enlightening!!. I’m always finding rich information in your replies and mails. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Gladys Silio

    I think I’m a Psychic myself I had dream about people the I know and they comes trough my intuition never
    fail Sometimes I feel I can read people mind

  4. Mary

    I understand where you coming from. My inter voice always come to me about people who I am around. And always listen to it. So what I am feeling is true.


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