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Catherine writes:

I am wondering how much the Law of Attraction really affects our lives. In the last few years it has seemed to become quite popular, but in my opinion it seems like some people put too much emphasis on it. Do we really create everything that goes on in our lives with our thoughts? Or are some things predestined or fate… something we were supposed to experience in this lifetime?

I used to believe that God has a basic plan for what will be some of the major events of our lives, but sometimes I’m not so sure. Is there a reason some people get married at a young age when others that have wanted to haven’t had the chance yet? Are the latter just not believing it will happen for them and are unknowingly sabotaging themselves, or could there be a reason or lesson for them to have to wait longer? How much control do we really have? Is visualizing, believing and focusing on what we want really all it takes? If that’s the case, then why are so many of us still not getting what we want in life?

Dear Catherine,

We impact everything in our lives with our thoughts, but it is a bit of an abstract concept. The Law of Attraction has become very popular, and the principles contained in that methodology are very effective and real. It has helped many people, in many different ways, but primarily those who live the laws – not so much those who practice them haphazardly.

We are all here to learn and experience certain things in this life. Whether it is fate, God’s divine plan, destiny, or accidental – I’m not quite sure. I believe it is a mix of all of the above. Free will has a lot to do with how our path unfolds, because everything that comes next is impacted by our thoughts and choices. For instance, some people get married young because they choose to. Rather than focusing on education or career, they focus on socializing and love. The individual’s focus resonates a certain energy, which attracts like energy. It does not mean that the person whose focus was on something other than love or marriage wasn’t given the same opportunity, it typically means they didn’t choose to entertain it.

Studying rather than going to a party may have created a situation that won entry into Harvard, but denied the opportunity to connect with a person with whom a relationship would have blossomed. Many people have extended or been offered the proposal of marriage, but choose not to follow through because things don’t seem quite right – while others marry for the sake of being married, and may suffer with the lack of happiness and unity they thought legal commitment would bring – while some find bliss in the same set of circumstances. Then, there is the crowd that loves to focus on their loneliness, their belief that they will never have love. Well, those people tend to emit a vibration that screams, “Stay away from me!” and potential suitors often do.

The Law of Attraction is only as effective as its practitioners. I could sit here all day, every day, and visualize a Ferrari. That energy is most likely to lead me to see one. If I visualize myself having one, I’ll probably see and purchase the affordable Matchbox variety in the toy isle of a grocery store. If I envision myself behind the wheel, I’ll most likely get to sit in one, possibly take it for a spin, some day before I’m dead.

The Universe isn’t real big on frivolous handouts, unless there is a lesson attached. However, if I focus on and visualize myself working toward earning the means, opportunity, and ability to respectfully purchase and enjoy a Ferrari – it is most likely that I will have the opportunity, and will then have to make the choice if the Ferrari is still what I truly want. If I really wanted to own a Ferrari, I could create the circumstance to have one. But I don’t, nor do I want to go through the things I would have to in order to manifest the situation. (In my case, the real-life situation involved a 1966 and ½ Mustang convertible. I chose the wiser, more economical, and less sacrificing version – a 2005, which is safely nestled in my garage. I am inherently cheap, and a bit proud of it – so my car was a major splurge!)

The woman who desperately wants to raise a child and physically can’t have one, may have been someone’s greatest teacher. While she didn’t give birth, she shaped and raised hundreds – maybe thousands. The man who dreamt of being an astronaut but didn’t make it to the academy for some reason may be the same man who saved hundreds of lives by landing the plane safely – or the one who keeps NASA running.

Every desire does find ultimate fulfillment. It may not be in the shape, form, or time that our immature human spirits would like, but that doesn’t mean our wishes aren’t being granted. Sometimes we are just too blind, stubborn, or self-centered to see them.

You can doubt fate, destiny, the Divine, and the Laws… but the one thing none of us can afford to do is doubt ourselves. The areas of our lives that we are unhappy with, we do have the power to change. We may not like our options or our choices, but they are there, nonetheless. It’s what we do with them that matters.

Good luck!
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