What Does it Mean When a Bird Flies into Your House?

What Does it Mean When a Bird Flies into Your House | California Psychics

A Bird in the Home

Wild animals are usually found out in nature, but every so often we get an up-close and personal look of our furry, feathered, or scaly friends when they find themselves roaming about our homes. Many cultures place special significance on this event. Everything from the type of animal, color, and the various actions they take can have different messages for us, and birds, in all their varieties, sizes, and colors, have many meanings for us.

Birds have a tendency to find their way into homes and other indoor facilities quite often. So, it’s probably not surprising that there is a form of divination based on their behavior and flight patterns when they become trapped inside. Let’s take a look at some of the beliefs that various cultures hold about the visit of a bird in your home.

A Message from Spirit

One thing that seems to be consistent across cultures is that when a bird flies into your home, an important message is on it’s way. Some believe that this message is coming from the Divine or from spirits. Others don’t specify where the message will be coming from, but they all agree that we need to be open to these messages.

White Birds

White birds have conflicting meanings in different parts of the world. In some eastern cultures, white is considered to be a color of ill health, and should a white bird fly into your home you might want to put self care high on your list of priorities. However, in western cultures, and specifically in Christian mythos, white birds are seen as bringers of peace and messengers of the Divine.


Owls are credited as being quite sage birds. The Celts believed that owls were defenders of truth and honor, and cannot stand lies and deception. They also believed, as the Egyptians did, that the owl was a messenger from the underworld, so if an owl flies into your home, perhaps a loved one is sending you message. Many Native American tribes also believed in the wisdom of the owl, and that they carried knowledge of the healing arts.


If a blackbird comes inside, don’t immediately take it as an ill omen. Should the blackbird not settle, it is believed that there are unsettled spirits in the home that need to be dealt with. However, should one make a nest it is extremely lucky. Several Native American myths also consider the blackbird to be a messenger who rarely brings bad tidings.

The Crow

The meaning of a crow is a bit more complex. In many Native American myths, crows can symbolize that you have some major change and challenges coming, but that you are adaptable and will be able to go with the flow in all the best ways. It is also a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, and of clairvoyance and psychic ability, so if a crow flies into your home, or spends time hanging around you, perhaps it is a sign that you have gifts you need to develop.


A pigeon in your home is quite a compliment indeed! This bird symbolizes peace and harmony, and if one enters your home it can mean that your home is a place where tranquility resides and where people find a safe haven.


Cardinals have been considered the messengers of the spirit world for centuries. They may be bringing a message from a loved one, but they could also mean that Spirit wants to hear from you. The Choctaw Tribe believe that seeing this bird is an omen that there will be, or needs to be a change in your relationship. A cardinal is also a symbol of protection, so if one flies into your home, there’s no need to fear, for Spirit is looking out for you.


Hoping to find your true love? Then you want to hope that a sparrow flies in your home as it was associated with the Goddess Aphrodite. This relationship will result in the perfect blend of both physical and spiritual connections that most of us long to have in our romantic relationships. And in Indonesia they believe that when a sparrow flies into the home, good luck will soon follow, and that a wedding won’t be far behind.

Flight Directions

Something to consider is which direction the bird entered from. If it came from the North then you might want to check in on your financial stability. It might mean a new career opportunity is coming your way. East means that inspiration is on its way to you. South means that you will be reenergized, and things that were obstacles no longer seem so daunting. And the west can be a head’s up that you are letting your emotions get the better of you.

What Does it Mean for You?

Just as with all forms of symbolism, we also need to look at our own perspective when it comes to specific birds entering our homes. What does a bird in the house mean to you?


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