The Meaning of a Hawk Sighting

The Meaing of a Hawk Sighting

Spread Your Wings and Expand Your Consciousness

When you have a hawk sighting, it’s a sign from the spirit realm that you are ready to take on a larger, more powerful expansion and vision of your world. The hawk symbolizes a need to start looking forward, envisioning your path ahead, and perhaps even preparing for a greater role in life. You could end up leading a group or church, becoming a parent or just finding a wider audience for your talents, gifts, and ideas. A hawk sighting is a direct message from the angels and the Great Spirit that the time has come to spread your wings, to fly higher, and to expand your vision.

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In the physical world, hawks have incredible eyesight, and because of that they have an association, in a spiritual sense, with clairvoyance, meaning “to see.” When a hawk comes into your life, it’s telling you to trust your instincts and your intuition, and let them lead you to the next step in line with your path. Note, the hawk will not lead you on a path that is not yours to follow. They are simply here to show you that it’s time to expand your own road and make greater that which already exists within you. Having trust in your higher self will lead you to greater freedom of mind, body, and soul.

The Hawk, Astrology, and the Ancients

Ancient Greeks often associated the hawk with the planet Jupiter which makes total sense to anyone who follows astrology since Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it enhances every part of life that it touches. It would be interesting to see where Jupiter is currently in your life. For instance, if it’s in your tenth house then it’s a wonderful time to grow your career. However, if Jupiter is in your second house, you may see growth in your money and possessions.

In Native American astrology, March 21 through April 19 signifies the sign of the red-tailed hawk. People born under the sign of the hawk are visionaries. They are also goal-driven problem solvers. For many Native American tribes, the hawk is the Guardian of the Earth.

Horus, the ancient Egyptian “Sky God” held hawks as sacred, and the Egyptians believed that when someone died, their soul left their body incarnated as a hawk.

When the ancient Celts were hunting and they had a hawk sighting, it was a significant sign that the group should become more aware of their immediate surroundings. The hawk was a symbol representing life or death, and certainly, whether a hunt was successful or not could be a matter of life or death for any group.

The Hawk as a Spirit Animal

If the Hawk is your spirit animal, you are very decisive. You are also quite aware of the changes you need to make in your life in order to move forward. The hawk is clear of mind, focused, and he never harbors doubt. If you have a hawk mind and you sense that there are psychic vampires (people who are trying to rob you of your energy or keep you from your purpose), you will quickly recognize them. You will set clear boundaries or cut them from your life altogether. The hawk energy is swift, protective, and self-protective.

Caring and Steadfast

Hawks hunt in groups and they mate for life. As an expansion of the thought of eliminating those psychic vampires, the hawk surrounds himself with those he can trust—in love, life, and the hunt. When you have a hawk sighting, it means you should take a look at those you call your family (or soul family). If you are fortunate and wise, you have chosen your friends well. You also know you can trust them in times of bounty and in times of want. Hopefully, you are equally as caring and steadfast.

Seeing the Big Picture

You can call upon the hawk’s clarity to help you when you are feeling “stuck.” The hawk can help you when you feel like something’s missing. Often the answers we seek are right before us. However, life can get in the way. This may cause us to overlook even the most obvious next steps. The hawk’s focus can help us to not only see the bigger picture, but it can also reveal the clearest path ahead.

The Hawk in Dreams

Since hawk energy is so direct, it’s easy to receive messages from Spirit through the dream world. When you have a hawk sighting even while dreaming, put your focus on whatever the hawk is focusing on. When you wake up you will have a clear vision of what it is you need to concentrate on. It will most likely be something that will help you spread your wings and expand your vision.

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47 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Hawk Sighting

  1. Britney

    What’s up, all is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s truly excellent,
    keep up writing.

  2. Emma Higgins

    I was married on last weekend on the 21st jan under a new moon and above flew a hawk it even did this spin thing and stayed above for awhile before it proceeded to dive down to the water close to us. Was so beautiful

  3. Ellafern

    The pass Three days there has been a Hawk hanging out around my home on my back porch,in the trees in my yard it flys off but not far and watches me and it’s everytime I go outside.
    Please someone tell me what this means

  4. Parisa W.

    I just got done doing my chore of taking out the trash after school, and while I was walking back to the house a hawk (I couldn’t figure out what type) flew about 5-6 feet above my head and around the corner, this was the first time a bird had come that close to me as a couple days before two Ravens (or crows) flew very close and a few minutes after that two other crows flew by cawing. It was a really cool experience and it’s welded into my mind now.

  5. Ruben

    I was at the beach yesterday when I walked up to a sign to read it a big red tail Hawk flew up on it from behind and stood up in the sign post and just stared into my eyes. I was both amazed and surprised and a little scared that it attack me after admiring it other people walked up from a trail and noticed what was happening I began to back up and it flew away. We where in a stare down for about a good 10-15 seconds about 2 feet away from each other it was very intense mesmerizing, been thinking about the encounter and what it could have meant.

  6. Leonard Magness

    This morning my wife and I heard a loud bang on our cabin. I went out to find a red tail hawk had flew in to the bedroom window, I picked it up to see if it would revive. It did not. We have seen hawks raise their young here for many years. Any ideas?

  7. Donna Bradford

    Today July 6th would have been my mother’s 85 birthday. Myself and 2 of my sisters had a mass said for her birthday. After we went to the cemetery where we noticed approximately 25 hawks screeching and flying in circles. It actually looked like they made a heart formation. They broke into 3 groups and ew in a circular motion for several minutes and then left. Any idea what this means. Thanks

  8. Deaunte Jamerson Sr

    I was out in the Forrest meditating and when I opened my eyes a hawk and a little bluebird landed on a branch of a tree that was right and front of me. I actually made eye contact with the hawk for about 5 seconds then it screeched 3 time then they both took off. Can you help me identify the meaning of what I just experienced?

    1. Danny

      Dude thats amazing the hawk represents part of the divinity ur getting in tune with your self the divinity had a message for u you who is inside u …u who is truly inside u that spark that essence is who u truly are
      Truth shall set u free
      Know your self and u shall know the universe and its Gods

  9. Adam J Lepenven

    One day I left my garage door open a hawk flew in and stood on the shelf my grandfather built and two days later I saw three red tail hawks fighting or mating above me in the woods on the bike path just curious to what this could mean

  10. Jill

    A hawk flew above my car for 20 miles when I arrived at my destination and got out of the car it circled above me and disappeared.
    I went into the house to attend the party. 10 minutes later I realized I forgot the birthday card in the car. As I went back to the car there was the hawk flying above me again. What does this mean?

    1. Sol

      Hello, it might depend on who the birthday card was for. There seems to be a correlation here between the awareness of the journey to this place and the distinctness of the destination which feels key in why a hawk would do that 🙂 hope it helps :33xxxxxx

  11. Charmane Compos

    I have a red tail hawk family in my tree. I’ve been watching them since they were little hawks. Now they are bigger and sit on the branch outside my window. I see four hawks total. I am assuming one is the mama . The dad. And two babies. They have pooped all Over my stuff but they are so amazing to watch. It’s like I am drawn to them.

  12. Chuck Hester

    I was on my back deck meditating and kept hearing the scream of a hawk. I looked above to see four hawks flying around. They stayed in visual proximity for 20 minutes or so. Landing in tress close by and then taking flight again. They seemed to be trying to tell me something. In the midst of being quarantined for this CoronaVirus it was good to feel nature and able to recognize it’s goodness.

    1. Happy

      Two hawk lives beside my house on a tree, I was outside pressing my phone, the next thing it was like a hunt on my head, the hawk touched my head and off it went to the other partner already flying, going in circles

    2. Sol Jáquez

      Hello 🙂 the mention of the abrupt arrival in the middle of your meditation seems to highlight a significance in what you were meditating on. I would defer back for that and try to further digest it. The arrival of the four hawks marked by a bird calling feels ancestral whether on a parent or sibling level depending on how they were flying. If they were flying in any patterns it could help discern more into what they wanted you to know 🙂 hope this helps, all the love :3xxxxx

  13. Sandra Barefoot-Reid

    When my first cousin’s husband died after a lengthy illness, my husband and I went to the funeral. On the way to the cemetery in a long line of cars. Part of the route the road was beside of a river. As I was admiring the river, I noticed a hawk flying beside of us over the river. It followed us to the cemetery, circled the gravesite about 4 or 5 times and flew off to the West.

    1. Evan Jáquez

      Hi Sandra 🙂
      Hawks are often associated with spirits when they’re passing on so it would not be surprising if he were there watching over everyone before he left. Mentioning that the he flew west is interesting bc it seems family related as if he wanted you to follow perhaps? Open ended but I hope it helps :33xxxxxx

  14. Kelly Matukaitis

    I was looking out my kitchen window and looked up and counted at least 20 hawks all flying in circles. Never seen anything like that.1or 2 flying. Would love to know the meaning of what I saw.

    1. Melinda

      I believe you witnessed a family reunion. I have feel extremely blessed to have witnessed several. It is in early spring and the birds are joyous! Interweaving with each other flying and screeching or cawing happily. If that fits your time-line ( I’ve also noticed this in the fall before families separate for winter) then that’s my best guess. It is not witnessed by many so I feel for reasons only you know, that they wanted to share that with you. Hope that helps. ✌❤♾

  15. Derrick

    This morning I was contemplating on a move to New York. I had recently left my toxic family in Philadelphia to start my own life without them. When I left they told me to not come back. Note I’m 24 and their house had thousands of dollars in unpaid utility bills and I could not survive under these conditions. Currently im staying with a childhood friend and his family in Virginia, who I also call my family. I’m self taught in software engineering and have a interview for google in December. However while preparing for the worst I made the decision to move to Ny in a couple months for better opportunity if google fell through. So I got dressed for a small part time job interview at good lion today and stepped outside for air on my phone. I felt something coming near me as if silent but knew something was coming. It was a hawk and when we made contact just 7 feet away it flew over my head and over the house. As if it flew close enough to get my attention. When I looked back up it started flying in circles 3 times before flying away. I looked up the meaning and found this. I went back outside and once I read the lines from this post and knew what they meant with a new found determination and focus I looked up and about 15 hawks where all flying over my head for about a minutes then they all dispersed. I started my journey hoping to change the world through tech and an education I gained by teaching myself. When I tell people I’ve been to Facebook 6 months in learning a career all on my own and being mentored from a Facebook engineer that I met by accident early in my journey(4 months). And a year later getting a random email from a google recruiter for a job opportunity they looked shocked. As many self taught engineers dream of opportunity’s like this to possibly work with some of the brightest minds in the world under one roof. And they ask me how I got these opportunity’s. I told them I didn’t know. But I know now. I was doubting myself a ton more recently as everyday has been a fight within myself and depression. Feeling like a failure. Always being that one weird kid that stood out but was somehow friends with everybody. Thank you for this post

  16. Laur

    The morning of August 19th 2019, I was on my way to close on my condo, when stuck in traffic, I looked up to the sky and saw a red-tailed hawk fly from one side of the street to the other and land on a street pole. His back was turned to me but I couldn’t help but stare at him. Next thing you know, I was rear-ended by a spiritual person. He is a reverend in a near by community. Prior to this day though, a young hawk flew and landed on my aunts car, just after we looked at the condo I had just bought. Still trying to figure out the significance, but this article has helped some. Thank you .

  17. Michelle brockavich

    My mom was in the icu not sure if she was going to make it the door knocked early in the morning when I came to answer the door it was one of my daycare parents dropping off a child he said you know there’s a red tail hawk sitting on your day swing in the yard I looked at it and it just stared at me I closed the door and when I went back to check if it was still there it was gone the next day my mom got out of icu and she fully recovered from pneumonia

  18. Justin Nichols

    It was my birthday yesterday March 24 and I live just outside of as small town near a grain farm. Sightings have high frequency however when he and I spotted eachother I was standing about 1 km away in the middle of a paved parking lot. I decided to reach out in my thoughts and as soon as I asked for a fly over. The hawk turned and flew right over my position which if it was just a coincidence wound be odd as I am the only visible living being and I am not a prey item. I have had some other profound telepathic experiences that I will not get into

  19. angelo

    I was a lifeguard Tibbett’s Brook Pool, deep within the forest, he trampled upon another bird, and aFter stomping & kicking it’s Prey To death, It Majestically Walked Away, And momentarily flew to a very high branch upon a tree to vigilantly observe the kill.

  20. Lynne Higgins

    I have had 3 sightings. Awhile ago I walked out my front door and about 30 ft away was a hawk with a full grown squirrel in its talon, he flew away after a staring contest.
    A month later, I pulled into the back alley and there was a hawk sitting on a post staring at me, then flew at my car and up.
    Now I was driving on a 4 lane highway and saw something out of the corner of my eye and there was a hawk flying alongside my car, ten it turned off. I live in a town not the country.

  21. Jude

    A Hawk was standing on the side of my house next to the side door preying on a pigeon. It flew to my tree but dropped the deceased pigeon. It stayed staring at me until i I went inside my home.
    Side note: I’m a Sagittarius Cusp of Revolution.
    December 7th- Full moon in Sagittarius.
    I live in the city.
    Pondering the significance of my encounter.

  22. Shelly Banning

    I live in a rural area 20 miles from the nearest city. There is 4 miles of dirt road between me and the nearest blacktop. Often a hawk will soar along side or in front of my Jeep as I drive. The first time it happened I felt exhilarated. This morning we were outside collecting kindling and firewood in preparation for the snow coming in from Colorado and up above our heads we heard the shrill call of a hawk. As I looked up there were two, side by side on the very top of a pole. They were calling out a sound of great urgency. After giving it some thought I figured they too know bad weather is approaching and they’re looking for a meal before it gets too wintry to hunt. It was a wonderful experience to witness. They sat for a few minutes and then flew out in opposite directions. I’m here on this site looking for the meaning of such a thing. Hoping it’s all good. Thanks.

  23. Shelly Banning

    I live in a rural area 20 miles from the nearest city. There is 4 miles of dirt road between me and the nearest blacktop. Often a hawk will soar alThis morning we were outside collecting kindling and firewood in preparation for the snow coming in from Colorado and up above our heads we heard the shrill call of a hawk. As I looked up there were two, side by side on the very top of a pole. They were calling out a sound of great urgency. After giving it some thought I figured they too know bad weather is approaching and they’re looking for a meal before it gets too wintry to hunt. It was a wonderful experience to witness. They sat for a few minutes and then flew out in opposite directions. I’m here on this site looking for the meaning of such a thing. Hoping it’s all good. Thanks.

  24. Nikki

    I recently walked out of work to 2 beautiful Hawks sitting on the light post in front of my car in the parking lot. Out of 30+ light posts this one. As soon as the area was in view I saw them. They sat there the whole time I walked across the lot. I stopped and took pictures when I was at my car and the one just sat and stared at me. They sat there as I pulled away until just before the light post was out of view they flew off together. Very touching experience but I don’t know what it means yet. Insights would be welcomed.

  25. Mina Goswami

    I had same experience like Lori. More then three years ago, hawk was making noise at night time right by my bed room siting on next door neighbor’s roof for several days. I had bed feeling and was worried about my old mother in law, but I did not know that message was for my husband who was healthy. He got heart attack and died within few months. Now recently I noticed his flying in my yard again and my sister in law had heart attack, she survived. Now He flyed over my head two days ago when I was working in yard. I don’t know what is the message this time.

  26. C

    I witness a red tailed hawk attack and eat a squirrel on my car. Besides the obvious annoyance if having squirrel carcus on my car I notice that the hawk would stop and stare at me. At one point it flew off and when I went looking I found it on the banister of my back porch just staring at me I took pictures I wish I knew how to post them to show you… but i wanted to know what could this all mean?

  27. Patricia Dennie

    This is crazy and I think you guys are crazy until I just remembered that this morning when I opened my door for some strange reason I looked up and saw a hawk circling in the sky, but I had no feelings or thoughts about it, now what.One more thing that’s prizing me if you guys have this psyics abilities why don’t you have all the money, fame.etc Please respond.I’m so interested in hearing what you have to say. Patrici

    1. Lynn

      Patricia, anyone gifted with the ability to foresee and foretell and truly realize the burden and responsibility to walk circumspectly in this gift will not operate in their gift for selfish gain. For to do so would lead to that ones ultimate fall because one has become self absorbed not realizing the gift is given not because of some good thing one has done. Freely one receives, freely one gives. Those who receive if the gifted may give something to the gifted one because they value that which they’ve received. Fame fortune and noteriety are things of the secular world; such desires do not exist in the sprit realm. Be careful to not disregard a spiritual message nor dash it to the ground as nothing because some messages come as warning.

      Hope that helps.

    2. LJ

      Hey there Patricia: Thanks for reading our hawk article. Spirit may not always give you a “feeling” but they will still send “signs” and it’s up to us to notice the signs – which apparently, you are. That’s great, because the more you notice signs … well, the more signs you notice; they come at us all the time. Remember the hawk is all about focus and expansion – so maybe it’s time for you to spread your wings in some way and explore the desires of your creativity and your heart. My advice is to ask for more signs and to ask your guides for clarity where you have questions. As for the “why don’t we all have money,” question … how do you know who is rich and who is not – and perhaps someone is just rich of spirit and heart, while for others it’s more. We do write our own charts – perhaps fame and fortune is not what everyone wants. Perhaps helping others is the richest feeling there is. Love and light. ~LJ Innes

    3. Lori Mrasek

      Hi Patricia
      I just read your comment about the Hawk you seen circling in the sky, you didn’t have any feelings or thoughts about the Hawk, but your did notice it. It’s a start I guess, if only you could see one up close and personal like I have they are such beautiful birds. I’m not sure who your addressing with the “psychic abilities” believe it or not were all born with the greatest gifts and one of them is intuition, whether you pay attention or not is up to you, when you do then you will start to receive the messages from out birds, animals insects etc… I can’t answer your question psychics vs money, again I think if you have a gift and it’s nurtured over the years and your good at it of course you can make money, and if your really lucky like say Theresa Caputo and get a tv show and make millions from your gift have at her. Have a great day Patricia 😛

  28. Linda

    I’ve just moved to a new city. My sons mother in law suite is my new home. This morning as I was getting into my car I looked up to the sky & there were 4 hawks circling over the house and yard.
    My son sees hawks in the neighborhood where he now lives & where he moved from.
    Must be good news… I hope.

  29. Lori Mrasek

    I just read you article on Hawk sightings, very nice, well articulated. I see Hawks all the time, I’ve had many different experience with them. I want to share a story that happened about 5 yrs ago. I was down in the park with my dog, I thought I heard a kitten meowing, so I went in search for this kitty, it was winter and cold. I looked and looked nothing, but I kept hearing what I thought was meowing, something told me to look up, when I did, this Hawk is right above me in a tree branch. It continued to make this meowing noise and then flew off. What I won’t forget is this, the Moon was in Pisces, as we know Hawks are messengers, I had a bad feeling all day. My phone rang around 8 pm that night with bad news from my bf, her brother passed. What I do know is this, yes Hawks are messengers, it’s up to us to interpret their message, because from my experience with this beautiful bird it comes in many different scenarios.

    1. LJ

      Hello Lori: Thanks for sharing your story with us. Yes, interpretation of a message is an individual affair, but the key is that you were open to the signs. Signs come to us in many ways and they are constantly around us. Being open to the signs and receiving the messages from spirit is part of the key to living a life that is in tune with the world around us – above and below. Thanks for sharing that wonderful example. All the best …

    1. LJ

      Bonnie: I just wrote your hummingbird article which you will probably see coming out in February on the blog …. so stay tuned. ~LJ

    2. LJ

      Hello Bonnie Lindsey: While I was sitting here pondering about my next spirit animal article, I asked spirit for ideas … and then I saw your request. I’d hate to spoil it for others, so I hope you won’t mind waiting until I write and post my blog on hummingbirds. It is a marvelous example though of an inviting spirit (you) when an animal or bird is unafraid to approach you in such a direct way. If you were thinking about someone specific who may have crossed over, it could be a message from them that they are around you and stop in to visit … but, there are other possibilities as well. Just be comforted by the fact that you are an open and in-tune soul who has an inviting spirit. That’s what life is all about. Stay tuned …

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