Meaning of a Blue Jay Sighting

Meaning of a Blue Jay Sighting | California Psychics

Seeing a Blue Jay

It is common to hear a blue jay’s trademark call, or jeer, before seeing the bird. Although, it certainly isn’t hard to spot the blue jay’s striking blue, black, and white plumage with a tufted crest atop its head. Some find them a nuisance, some find them beautiful, others still may find them unremarkable amongst their feathered relatives. But what does it mean when you see a blue jay?

What is a Blue Jay?

The blue jay, or Cyanocitta cristata, is a vocal bird with a notable appearance. They are known for their characteristic jeer, but they also make a variety of other calls including imitations of hawks and humans. Blue jays are native to the eastern and central regions of the United States and have gradually expanded their range to the North and West, as well. They mostly live in forested areas but can adapt to urban environments. They build complex social systems and maintain close family bonds, often mating for life.

Blue Jay Symbolism

Based upon their behavior, blue jays are often linked to fierceness, determination, aggression, truthfulness, passion, curiosity, and loyalty. When threatened by a predator, blue jays do not hide or retreat, they go on the offensive, dive-bombing the creature in question until it retreats. As mentioned earlier, they will also imitate hawk calls to try to lure hawks away from their nests or make other predators think a hawk is near. A blue jay sighting may be calling you to reflect upon the way you strategize and respond in the face of danger.

Due to their complex webs of kinship, blue jays also represent strong social bonds. A blue jay sighting may be a call for you to reflect on your relationships. Do any of them need tending or repair? Have you taken the time to appreciate those close to you and all they do for you lately? Spotting a blue jay could simply provide you with a moment to reflect on the gratitude you have for the connections in your life, or it could represent something deeper requiring relational work.

Blue Jays and Communication

Blue jays are known to sing what researchers call a “whisper song,” utilizing many different sounds including clicks, gurgles, and whistling. They are even known to make noise to scare predators away by using their beaks to hammer on trees, like a woodpecker.

Blue Jays, with their signature feather coloring, are associated with the Throat Chakra, and therefore, communication. So, a possible meaning of a blue jay sighting is that you need to try a different method of communication when you run into problems. Maybe you need to say something differently or you need to try to communicate without words. Reflect upon the tools at your disposal and consider if there is another, perhaps more effective way, to get your message across. Blue jays have many methods of communication at their disposal, and so do you. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of them.

The Blue Jay as a Trickster

The blue jay is looked upon as a trickster in Celtic myth, and in the stories of many Native American tribes, most notably the Chinook, Sioux, and Coast Salish tribes. In folklore, tricksters are rarely to be trusted, so if you encounter a blue jay, either in the day time or in your dreams, in may be a sign that you are currently close to someone who is not to be trusted.

In the same vein, a blue jay dive-bombing you over and over in a dream represents something unresolved or something that is troubling you that is cycling through your consciousness. With careful reflection and analysis, you may be able to identify the unresolved issue(s) or a person who has troubled your subconscious and take action to resolve the issue.

The Blue Jay as a Messenger from Spirit

Blue jays are often associated with renewal and fertility, as they tend to drop the seeds they are hoarding for winter as often as they manage to store them. They are particularly fond of acorns, and many Celtic folk stories credit the blue jay with replanting the oak tree population in Europe thanks to the number of seeds they dropped. A blue jay sighting could mean that you are going through a period of renewal, or a very prosperous period, financially, creatively, etc.

Should a blue jay repeatedly appear outside your home, or make its home near yours, it could be a message from Spirit that you’re on the right path. Blue jays are fierce, curious, and tenacious, so one that continues to stay with you for some time is usually a sign that you are following your dreams and should continue on as you are.

Dreaming of Blue Jays

If a blue jay appears to you in a dream, it might be a sign that you are conspicuous; others notice what you do and say. This is a sign of your power and also your responsibility. When you have a platform, what you do and say reverberates louder and farther than the actions and words of someone who doesn’t have a platform. Don’t let this freeze you in your tracks. Instead, take this as a sign to commit to thinking before you speak or act, and listening to what is reflected back to you. If you cause hurt or pain, it is especially important for you to take responsibility.

Another meaning of a blue jay appearing to you in a dream is that danger is imminent. In this instance, you are an animal at the mercy of the hawk or owl and the blue jay is using its defenses to warn you of the predator’s presence. If you can help it, do not allow yourself to be taken over by fear. Instead, ground yourself in your capability and power. Remind yourself that you have handled tough problems before, and you will handle them again. Be tender with yourself and attentive to your own care. You are able to handle problems much better when you are rested than when you are exhausted. You can do this.

Blue Jays as Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, and Power Animals

As explained on, animals can appear as a spirit, totem, or power animal—all of which have slightly different meanings. A spirit animal represents abilities you possess or abilities you need to cultivate. When an animal repeatedly comes to your attention in talks, dreams, or real-time sightings, this is your spirit animal.

If the blue jay is your spirit animal, it means that you need to open up a bit about what’s on your mind. Blue jays aren’t shy about making noise, so why should you be? However, it’s also a warning to know your limits. Blue jays will fight to defend their territories, but they also know when they’re outmatched and when to back down. Let your blue jay spirit guide show you which battles to fight and which to walk away from, and you’ll live to fight the most important ones.

A totem animal is an animal you are drawn to and perhaps you surround yourself with. If a blue jay is your totem animal, it means that it is time to speak up, both for yourself, and for others who cannot defend themselves. When blue jays cry warnings about predators in their territories, all potential prey benefits, and it’s no different when you speak up. When you need to establish strong boundaries, or just need strength, call upon your blue jay totem animal, and they will give you all of the encouragement you need.

A power animal is one we identify with internally. We can call upon our power animals when we need to summon inner strength. If the blue jay is your power animal, call upon it when you believe someone is deceiving you. As stated above, several cultures associate the blue jay with tricksters and untrustworthy figures, which means the blue jay will be excellent at discovering anyone who may be lying to you.

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5 thoughts on “Meaning of a Blue Jay Sighting

  1. Laurie Zeritsch

    I have 3 Blue Jay’s who come to my balcony
    all day. I had a daughter who on passed30 years ago, and a husband 1 year ago. Could it mean they are together now and comming to me . I hope it makes me very positive.

  2. Maggie Hill

    Our resident pair of Jay’s this past Spring had 3 offspring. This was the first time I have seen this happen. They spent a good month in the tree in our yard hopping from branch to branch until they could fly. Several times a day I would talk to them. Now they are fully grown and one of the three has taken a liking to me…it takes food from my hand and lands on my head…I am blessed.

  3. annie hannan

    had a blue jay visit today…came in the window…rested, flew through the house and then went out my bedroom window, top..was here for a reason..have 22 cats and they sat and watched..much love

  4. Mary Ellen Peterson

    i had a ton of blue jays at one time(though now they’re gone), and one was on my back porch railing. I saw it and was quite startled. I talked to it, and promised if it stayed right where it was, I’d get a couple of pictures. I was lucky enough that he stayed.I ran back in my house, got my camera, and it stayed right where it was! I took a couple of pictures, and then it flew off. It didn’t go very far, but it still flew off.Then, a little while later,another bluejays showed up, and he landed on my husband’s grill top. He looked right at me, and when he was sure I was safe in my house, he flew off, and that was the biggest blue jay I ever saw! I had another who showed up a few weeks ago on my recycling cart. It didn’t stay too long,then flew off again.One nice Fall Day i was hanging out my laundry, and a bunch of blue jays were yelling. I told them I was no where near their nest, so why were they yelling at me? I looked on the line, and there was a yellow jacket. I hurriedly ran back inside my house.They were quiet when I was inside.


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