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Josiane writes:

I believe that when we do a reading (I do it for friends, at home!), we talk about the most possible path. But how can there be such a thing if we have free will? Let’s admit it, we are very much like robots, in that we keep repeating the same patterns. If something makes you angry, it will always make you angry … unless you change your behavior the next time it happens. Most of the time, you don’t have power over what happens in your life — the only power you have is how you react to it. This is your free will. You can use it to change a reading.

Hi Josiane,

There is so much truth to what you have said. We absolutely have free will and that does determine our future paths.

Our free will is exercised every second of the day even if we are not aware of it. I was in a class one day and saw these little orange energy bubbles coming up from the top of peoples’ heads. They were about the size of a quarter, and the colors were a mix of vibrant, dingy and muddy-orange. Finally, I asked my guide what they where and I was told, “They are their thoughts in energy form. The energy bubbles go out ahead of us and someday we must meet them again.”

As our thoughts move out ahead of us, people and situations are brought together and placed in our path so that we can have these thoughts fulfilled. Think of your future as a still-quiet pond. You create a desired situation through repeated thoughts, it exists on your path ahead, but we have to allow it in and the timing has to be right for all concerned.

You throw a stone in the center of the still pond and this represents your desire. The ripples that are created represent the detour paths created to get to the desire. Do you believe your desire is in the middle and allow yourself to gently relax and enjoy the day and the gentle wave of each ripple, or do you struggle with the ripple? Do you fight the water, creating a bigger ripple until it is so big that it starts to pull you under and creates even more ripples?

We must go through all we create to get the desired result, if we really want to fulfill our wishes. If we don’t, we simply throw another stone and start all over again somewhere else. We do not have many paths to each thing we try to bring into our lives, but we do create detours along the way. So what appears to be many paths are but one with many opportunities for change before we get what we want.

Psychics look in the future and see what you have coming by reading the energy that goes out ahead of you and determines when and if it will happen based on your recent and past emotions and thoughts. When others are concerned, we have two paths trying to get to the same destination, so both people have to be looked at and taken into consideration for the outcome.

Hope this helps!

Love and light,


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