DreamCast: Missing Her Aunt and Sister

I have been having dreams about my dead sister and my aunt (the lady I called ‘Mom,’ because she brought me up). My real mom died in childbirth. In the dreams, we are always at her house, which is now owned by her son. We are always laughing and having a good time. I never want to wake up because I really miss them terribly. I can always remember every aspect of my dream and I have them quite often. What do you think it means?

From Marcia, who posted to the blog

Hello Marcia,

Your dreams are a poignant reminder that love never dies, even after the people we care for have crossed over to the other side. The dead often communicate with us — quite literally — through our dreams, where messages of comfort, healing and joy are conveyed. Sometimes, useful information for the living is offered, such as advice during times of hardship. Usually, however, dreams of the dead come to us as a reassurance that all is well with our loved ones in the afterlife. They know we’re thinking of them, and they think about us as well. Feeling this connectedness is the greatest blessing of these dreams. Thank you for sharing yours!


Sweet dreams,

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