Is It Cold Feet or Selfishness?

Many card readers will tell you that there are phases we go through with certain cards constantly appearing. You’d almost think they were the only cards in the deck at times. The 7 of Cups is that card for me these days. The closer we get to Mercury’s retrograde, many of us start to play things closer to the hip and center on our own needs.

“I can’t believe she left me at the alter.” Jimmy is an actual friend of mine that allowed me to write about him in this blog. His girlfriend — yes they are still together — literally walked away from him on the alter. I swear if he wasn’t a friend of mine for more than 25 years I still would have wept at the sight. A Cancer with the heart of gold, he is truly dedicated to every project, friendship, and horse he touches. “I think I need a readin,'” he said to me — trying to laugh — in his deep southern drawl.

As I laid his spread out a couple of things surprised me. One was the verbal abuse he endured, and the other was the way he literally buried his own needs for those of his girlfriend and her kids.

“Well, that’s what a man is supposed to do,” he went on when explaining himself. “But, not bury them. Not make your needs completely go away.” The Seven of Cups sat there…looming over us as the issue.

“This card is telling you that…okay…if you go the grocery store and pick out all the food you want and she picks out all the food she wants…and then when you get home, she goes through the bags and only picks out her stuff and carries that stuff inside…that’s the 7 of Cups.”

“You need to start doing the things you really love again. Everyone else in this relationship is.”

Sometimes a reading is just telling you what you know, but from the eyes of someone who would have no way of knowing. Seeing or hearing your story from the point of view that isn’t your own may help you make that desired change. Get a reading.

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