Summer Fit Without Dieting

So you want to get ready for summer? No sweat! As a holistic therapist certified in hypnotherapy, I’ve worked with many, many men and women to successfully transform weight, lifestyle, and self image with some of the following easy (and inexpensive) tips:

1. First off … you never want to “lose” weight. You want to release it. To think loss for something means that at some point you want it back! While you’re at it, delete the word “diet” from your brain. Dieting is something temporary—you want to stay healthy in the long term.

2. Eat only at the table, never at your desk, on the couch, in bed and NEVER while watching television.

3. Drink cold water to tone the stomach and quench thirst. Often, when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually only thirsty. Drink a full glass of cold water before eating, waiting at least five minutes in between.

4. Use small plates. When we use small plates we limit portion sizes while giving our physical eyes the impression of a full plate.

5. Chew each bite at least thirty times while limiting conversation and distractions when eating. This gives your brain more time to realize nourishment is being taken in while elevating awareness and appreciation of your food.

6. Get rid of starched, nutrient empty noodles, rice, bread, and potatoes by substituting with whole grains and complex carbohydrates.

7. You can also increase protein intake to satiate hunger, increase energy and metabolism, and build muscle mass by snacking on healthy nuts or string cheese instead of chips and candy bars.

8. Never shop while you’re hungry and stick only to items you have placed on your list.

9. Keep only positive reinforcements around the house and office. Photos of you looking your best— healthy and smiling are much better reinforcements than piggy’s and cows on the fridge door.

10. Last but not least, keeping a food journal to log ALL of the food and beverage you consume in a day increases success rate by twenty percent or more on average, long term.

That doesn’t seem too hard does it? Facing weight loss with positivity rather than dread will put you in a much better position to release it … forever. A change in lifestyle might be needed but you can take it one day at a time and enjoy the process while doing it. Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Summer Fit Without Dieting

  1. Jennifer

    I like how the info is presented. It is simple and adaptable for all clients. As a holistic health practitioner and personal trainer I have many clients that want to “diet”. The only point I would disagree with is drinking cold water. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, cold water constricts the blood vessels and inhibits digestion. Drinking cold water before a meal and with meals (actually at any time) slows digestion and could lead to many more issues. Cold water affects spleen chi (pronounced chee) which is the system responsible for transforming food into chi. I see many people with spleen chi deficiencies and room temp. water or warm drinks are more appropriate.

  2. Cyndi

    I have been a personal fitness trainer for nearly 20 yrs and I LOVE this!!! So simple, straight forward and easy. You rock!!

  3. misskrystal

    Well, I must say I enjoyed reading this. However, getting me off the couch, eating, is gonna be a hard one lol -Having planets in Leo, Libra and Taurus, all the food lovers, and growing up around chef’s, does not help. I love to cook, I copied my brother, who is a chef for movie stars, and my grandma, a gourmet chef, I do love my own food, which is also hard. In HS, I took every food/cooking course available.

    I do load my kitchen with fruits, that seems to help. It’s hard to keep bread in my house. I end up making toast and jam, too much-even organic whole grain bread.

    I think some of us enjoy food more than others. I envied a lot of people who can detach from food, I have was never one of those people. The only thing that I have found to work, for myself, is a reward system. Rewarding long term behavior modification. Thank God for those small little ice cream cups they sell at the supermarket.

    But these are all great tips, listed above. I think I am one of those people that just can’t have “bad stuff” in the house. My mom used to hide twinkies from me, as a kid lol -I guess that behavoir in me, never changed. Can’t have this stuff in the house at all. Sometimes, I wonder, is it really all about will power? Or do some of us just love food a lot more? hmmmm. Thanks for the article, Miss Krystal


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