Do Animals Choose Us?

Do animals really choose us? Definitely! Studies have shown that homeless cats will watch potential homes for days before deciding where they’ll live. Of course, not all cats roam the streets seeking their humans. There are other ways of attracting us!

Years ago, a friend was finding homes for a litter of kittens. Before going to see them, I already decided I wanted the calico she told me about. When I got there, I sat on the floor with four wild kittens racing and tumbling all around the room. The calico I picked avoided me, and two others ignored me. However, a fuzzy ball of cream-colored angora fur with big blue eyes raced across the floor and leaped into my lap — time and again. And that was that! Her name was Yoda.

When Yoda went to kitty heaven, I was heartbroken for several years and couldn’t imagine finding someone to take her place.

Then, on Valentine’s Day, my car seemed to drive itself to the Humane Society. I went into a room filled with cages of every size, shape, and color of cat imaginable. I heard clatter coming from the second cage on my left. A lovely gray and white cat was staring at me while feverishly shaking the door, trying to get it open. As I got closer, she tried even harder to pry the door open. While I walked around the room peeking into other cages, I could feel her eyes on me. As I turned to look at her, she shook the door again. Finally, I went back to her and when I opened the door, she sprang into my arms, put her paws around my neck, and purred hard.

Later, one of the attendants pointed out that she had an up-side-down heart on her face. The purr-fect Valentine Cat!

Did your pet choose you? Tell us your story!

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