Psychic Workout: The Energy of Your Hair

Aquel in Quezon City writes:

I need to understand myself on a psychic level—why is it that every time I cut my long hair, tragedy seems to be just around the corner, and before I know it, bang! I’m swirling with all the negative effects, pain of loss, money rampaging outward, my emotional relationships ending in a big bang of heated words and drowning tears. What’s wrong with me? All these happened after my NDE (near death experience). Likewise, I’m always losing the person I get to love. Thank you, and I hope to get an answer.

Psychic Marin ext. 5113 responds:

I have unusually long hair, and it has become a subject of many discussions with my psychic friends. At workshops, or retreats that I attend, my long hair attracts a lot of conversations regarding superstitious beliefs, so I’ve gathered a lot of folklore over the years concerning hair.

You pose a very interesting question, and I have an answer for you, rooted in deep Southern folklore. You’re a very “sensitive” and empathic person to notice such a change in your surroundings after a haircut. Perhaps it was the near death experience that brought upon your keen perception, but what you’re experiencing and feeling after a haircut has been recognized  by many cultures, and is a source for superstitions, such that “rules” have been created regarding hair and hair cuts. Here are a few of the more well known legends I have heard.

– If you want your hair to grow luxuriantly, never cut it while the moon is waning.
– If you want your hair to grow, cut it during the full moon.
– Cut your hair on particular days for the results you want:

Monday to attain health.
Tuesday to gain wealth.
Wednesday to hear the news.
Thursday to get a new pair of shoes.
Friday and there will be sorrow.
Saturday and you will see your true love tomorrow.
Sunday and the devil will be with you all week.

– Women with red hair have short tempers.
– If you drop your brush while you are combing your hair, you will experience disappointment in the near future.
– If you pull out a gray hair, three more will grow in its place.
– In Ireland, if a traveler meets a woman with red hair, he will have to turn around and start his journey all over again.
– Hair that has been cut off must be burned. It’s unlucky to throw it away.
– Don’t cut your hair outside, because it might be picked up by birds and woven into their nest. They might weave it so tightly that you’ll get headaches.

You happen to be sensitive enough to understand, even if on a subconscious level, that by having a haircut, some of your energy has been shed, leaving you feeling incomplete. Your emotional tension, anger, or sudden onset of bad-luck can be a result of you feeling imbalanced. In the future, you may elect to take your hair clippings with you. This is not an uncommon practice, and I have spoken to several hair stylists who have clients that routinely make the request to retain their hair. Bury your hair in your backyard as a way of preserving your energy. This ensures that it is disposed of properl,y by honoring the energy and magick contained in your hair growth.

Hair is considered to be one of the more important parts of our physical being. Culturally, a thick head of hair gives the impression of health, youth and desirability while, in contrast, thin hair can be linked to age or ill health. It’s one of the first characteristics we notice upon meeting someone, which leads us to instantly forming a first impression of a person’s personality, often primarily by the color and style of the person’s hair.

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” – Martin Luther King

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8 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: The Energy of Your Hair

  1. Wesley Bey

    Hi,really good post.

    So I’ve had “dread” locks since starting my spiritual journey 8 years much has happened in that time.i left a very toxic relationship and started a new one with a very spiritual woman.BUT things started going “wrong” very quick,ill health lots of stressful situations started partner would tell me she saw the devil in me but my ego would not allow me to see it.things got so bad that I ruined all our lives so bad with my negative emotions that I lost her and my baby girl.i caused so much trouble.thankfully I saw the error of my ways and tried to start and repair the damage I had caused but the same negative thoughts were still there.out of the blue my “partner” suggested I needed to cut my locks off and restart as the were leaving me open to all energies,mainly we cut off my locks that morning.we were both in tears while doing it but as the last lock fell their was a air of freedom that came.we took the locks to our favourite forest and buried them deep in the ground with some notes we wrote.
    Since that moment I feel free awake and partner fell back in love with me almost in a instant.the negative thought process is so quiet now that I don’t hear it.i wasn’t ready for my locks at this time.i will grow them back one day but be so protective of my antennas

    Just wanted to put a positive spin on hair has been revolutionary to my life.if any one feels life is weighing them down then I strongly suggest cutting hair and burying it in nature.a part of me died that day but it was a part that needed to.

    Peace and blissings to all

  2. Farrah

    I cut my hair last year and buried it at a favorite tree of mine in my ex partners backyard. Since then he has broken up with me, and started dating someone the same day he ended our relationship. It’s been hell and terrible emotionally ever since for me. Should I go get my hair and burn it?

  3. LUCY

    Marin: And, you do have the Most beautiful long hair. My hair grows fast – like it tells me when to stop cutting it. And, therefore I really only trim every 6 months. And, I feel more strength when my hair is long. Fun topic

  4. Agnes Ext. 5400

    I really enjoyed this article. Hair is generally very important to those of us who are from the South. I have worn my hair very long, cut it extremely short, and grew it long again. I haven’t had a haircut in almost six years now. I do not anticipate anything more than a little trim in the future as I literally felt part of my spirit leaving my body when I chopped off my hair after the birth of my daughter. It seems to me that the energy of experience and understanding is manifested in the length of our hair. There is folklore that claims hair functions as a conduit or antenna to God. Well, I can attest to feeling stronger as my hair grows longer.

    Be well and live well.

    Agnes Ext. 5400

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I really enjoyed this article……this resonated with me.

    I have always had long red hair, and am a natural redhead……

    …it sounds weird, but I used to feel as if my energy was a bit off whenever, ( kind of like the biblical Samson after his locks were cut off ), I would cut my hair short in past years….so I just let it grow now.

    I know, it’s weird.

  6. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Marin,
    This is why I don’t cut my hair but always trim on a full moon , Aquel you are in good hands!
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  7. -quinn ext. 5484

    beautiful article. it is indeed our crowing glory.

    samuel l jackson is playing martin luther king in ny –
    “the hair is the richest ornament of women” MLK

    the movie criss rock did about hair was pretty good too. personally i was in the beauty business cutting and styling hair since ’68 – it was fun, interesting and mystical. transforming someone and having them love themselves was such a gift.

    we had clients who did not let us throw their hair away and some other quirky things went on when dealing with hair. getting haircuts when the moon is in Leo is a good thing too.
    a good haircut can make your day –
    -quinn ext. 5484

  8. Abigail

    I love this article a few years back I got a message from my deceased husband to grow my hair and I have ~

    Many Blessings Beautiful Lady



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