Exactly What Not to Do in a Relationship

Absolutely the Biggest No No

People having relationship problems will often seek advice wanting to know what exactly they can do to fix a problem. Sometimes, though, the best advice a psychic can offer is to tell you exactly what not to do in a relationship. Getting that third-eye perspective can be priceless, or better yet, eye opening.

No Excuses

Relationships can sometimes be complicated. Our first reaction to a problem may be to want to fix the problem, or to fix ourselves to make the other person happier. A good example of what not to do in a relationship is to not place all the blame on yourself and to never put up with hurtful behavior. Psychic Shyla ext. 5431 admonishes “No abuse…no matter what the excuse.”

Every couple has their ups and downs. When the downs outweigh the ups, it’s a good time to consult a psychic who specializes in relationships. Are you and your lover having control issues? Psychic Miss Krystal ext. 9192 explains: “I notice a lot of people monitor each other. And it’s not just women doing it to men, I see men doing it to women. It’s really, really negative.” Is it him/her or is it you? The only person we can control is ourselves. If someone tries to take over that job for someone else, there are going to be problems.

When there are problems and you don’t know how to solve them, if your partner’s become aloof, if they don’t call you as often as they used to during the day, or they always seem to be too busy for amore, you have to be willing to see if some of the things you’re doing are causing them to act this way. Psychic Miss Krystal ext. 9192 urges us to become aware of the way we speak to our partner: “Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re manipulating until we look at how we talk to our partner.”

See the Bigger Picture

Suppose you and your lover have been together for quite a while. All of your friends are getting engaged and married and even planning families, so when is your man going to pop the question? Are you just wasting precious time? If you’re feeling stuck or confused, consulting a psychic can give you that outside perspective you need. Acting on emotions fueled by angst or anger may sabotage an otherwise happy union. Psychic Abigail ext. 9570 cautions, “Don’t ruin something good by trying to get to a certain point too fast.” Talk to someone who knows how to see the bigger picture.

Trouble in Paradise

When there’s trouble in paradise, it can lead to arguments that are not just about the problem at hand. Every little gesture, every word spoken, can get picked apart, and the disagreement is now way off point. As Psychic Chloe ext. 9421 says, “Try not to obsess and talk too much over what happens. Don’t fall into a pattern of obsession, picking over every detail again and again.” Find your bearings. Learn to feel comfortable speaking your mind instead of quietly worrying about the meaning in every little thing that’s said and done. See the bigger picture. And when it’s resolved, keep it in the past, don’t rehash old news.

Why Get a Reading?

The road to a lasting relationship doesn’t always follow the path we think it should. Getting good advice can mean gaining perspective. For instance, Psychic Reed ext. 5105 offers us this insight: “One of the things I hear often from callers is that they don’t want to date. They want to be married, but they don’t want to date. That’s a lot like wanting to win the lottery without buying a ticket. Dating doesn’t have to be daunting, scary, or a chore.” A psychic can tell you what you need to know to get the love you want and need. Don’t waste another minute of your precious time waiting and wondering. Get the answers you seek without delay. Call one of our gifted psychics and let them help you today.

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12 thoughts on “Exactly What Not to Do in a Relationship

  1. Mary

    hello my name is Mary Lagace birthday April 22 1964, I met my bf Stu Fleming his birthday September 24th 1962 on a dating site called Zoosk almost three hrs ago July 26 2010. It was a romance that caught us both of guard he is a long haul truck driver he chose to come of the road and seek employment close to where I live, moved in with me 2 months later we had bliss for maybe a month and issues arose he left me 2 weeks before our first yr. He came back moved back in March 2012 as roommate and we got back together as a couple in early July of 2012, things were up and down on both our parts yet we had a lot of good times along with the bad. He again ran in November saying I was controling him and that he needed his space he is now back long hauling a job that he loves, he came back in December and January plus February when he could get time off but have not seen him in last 4 months, I have now found out he has a track record doing this he says that he loves me but when someone gets to close he runs he would rather run then get hurt. He told me he new what he was like when he meant me he wanted to change and had hoped I would have been the one to want him to settle down with. I would like to know if he truly ever loved me was in love with me and if he would ever want to come back to me I love him with my heart and soul, does he really know how much he has hurt me I am a strong willed woman, I have goals and dreams and I am making them happen slowly but surely I know that they say patience is a virtue and I guess am hoping that I am the one woman that would want he to thing twice about leaving bottom line am I waiting for a pipe dream and if so I know there is someone out there for everyone but in my heart I still believe that Stu and I could be good Together my eyes and heart are open to many possibilities for love trust communication and compromise can you please help me to understand where I stand with all of this please

  2. mampho

    we are always having a dispute with husby, i cannot withstand it any more, he will insult me when i say exactly what he has said, he get angry, i learned that trust and respect can work precisley for me but how, i try by all means to be humble but he pushes me to lose temper by the way he speaks to me.

  3. ReikiGirl

    To Diana Crane ~ Sometimes when people say they “don’t want to date,” it actually, and unfortunately, means they don’t want to date YOU. They say that to avoid hurting your feelings. Really I am not trying to be mean, just giving you a little reality check. When you hear someone say they’re not into dating, take it as a simple sign for you to move on, and look elsewhere for companionship, dating, etc. It saves both parties lots of time and frustration. Trying to have a relationship with someone who is not emotionally involved with you is a total waste of time. Despite what some dating gurus have said, you cannot make someone fall in love with you. Their feelings are either there, or not. Rise above hurt feelings, wish the other person the best, and move on. It is the kindest thing you can do for yourself, and the other persons involved. (I wish I’d taken my advice years ago.) Sending you love and light and all the best of success to you!!!

  4. kassy

    hi, ive been in a relationship for close to 3 years now and about a year ago all the problems started and i broke it off, we lasted 2 weeks apart with no contact and then he started contacting and doing all the right things, and i was happy and so we/i decided to get back together. We’ve now been living together for the last year out of the 3yrs and well he sleeps in the front room of the house and i sleep in the back room. Please could someone help me, i have been thinking and mulling over this past year on what i should do but still keep coming up blank and also i just dont know whats keeping me here

  5. Marisa Reyes

    Hi my name is Marisa Reyes and I’m having some relationship problems with my boyfriend. Well he isn’t my boyfriend anymore. He told me that he didn’t want me anymore. After we had been apart for 2 months and than he came back because he said he didn’t want to be with out me because he found out that he didn’t want to be with out me. and almost 2 month later he has done it again. why I want to know… his name is Renato J. Gonzalez 4-24-1979 he is 32 years. And my B-Day is 4-22-1975 please help me

  6. G.Leck

    If I was to call a psychic, how would it read on my cc? Would it read psychic or spmething else that my husband wouldn’t know what it was?

  7. Cindy

    I consulted a psychic on your website in February of this year and nothing she adamantly predicted for me came true. She was a very nice lady but that’s about it. I’m afraid to try a psychic again. What should I do?

  8. Jeff E

    I haven’t had a meaningful relationship in about 20 yrs.I had an accident and the Doc.said I’d never get out of bed.I’ve recouvered from it,I go to the gym 5 day’s a week and do Zumba about 4.Do you have anysuggestions on how I should meet a good woman,Jeff.

  9. Deedra

    This is very true! The only thing you can do is step back from the situation and evaluate yourself and go from there.Pay attention what your instincts are telling, because 9/10 its right.

  10. Diane Crane

    What exactly do people mean when they say they don’t want to date? Isn’t dating the way to find out if both parties are on the same page? The way to open communication? Every one of us comes from different life circumstances, different backgrounds. Is instant gratification what you are looking for? To me, the way I see it, is that you need to put in time to get to know the person well. There is a commercial running at this time on TV for one of the I-relationship services where a guy states that he doesn’t want to date, he wants a relationship. Well, how do you get to know the other person? Do you just look at them and say, yeah, that’s for me? There are lots of things about Western culture that I don’t support, and one big one is the instant grat. thing. The Electronic Age brings with it alot of unbalanced souls who are very impatient with nearly everything.

  11. Ramesh Madnani

    it is best of best articles i have read,in life one should remember the first relationship should be maintained at any cost other wise one becomes abnormal and restless despite the fact you have lot of money, friends, acqauaintances, followers but you will be restless and greedy and will never get peace of mind.

    ers etc etc b


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