Date and Love a Scorpio

Learning what you can do to date and love a Scorpio can take some investigation. They have a sensitive heart and an honest tongue which is quite the combination.

If you’re hot for a Scorpio, and he’s hot for you, then you are probably someone who loves a mystery. It’s not so much that Scorpios want to be secretive; they just need to know they can trust you with their very sensitive hearts, so they’ll take their time getting to know you and even longer to trust you with their emotions. This all begins with the very first look, when their piercing eyes lock with yours. A brief, slow-motion moment that seems to last an eternity; you’ve been stung by the Scorpion.

Date a Scorpio

To date a Scorpio, you need both a soft heart and sometimes a thick hide. The more comfortable a Scorpio feels with you, the more they’ll open up, and the less they’ll hold back. Their words can sometimes be biting, but they simply see it as telling the truth.

Dating a Scorpio can be a challenge. It is important to keep it fun, keep it sexy and keep it all about the two of you. The well of emotion runs deep in a Scorpio and their powers of intuition are astounding. Alternatively, they can be possessive and jealous sometimes. It is a hard balance, but let them know if you’re dating them exclusively, that they are a priority, while also keeping your own identity. Scorpio will respect you more in this balance of power, and it will keep them in chase mode, which is the best place to keep your Scorpio while dating.

Love a Scorpio

It’s true that Scorpio rules the sex organs, but they’re not necessarily sex maniacs, they just know what they like and don’t apologize for it, why should they? They are constantly in search of the perfect love. Getting their full trust in you will be hard, but worth it. They can be the most loyal partners when truly in love and fulfilled in every way. That may be a lot for some to handle, but the depth of their love is strong and a prize worth attaining. Though they have a tendency to be the one in control, it is you who must be confident and in control. This is one reason why I love Aries as a partner for Scorpio. Aries’ need for freedom is matched only by their need to have a sexually fulfilling, exciting relationship. They drive each other passionately insane, at least as far as their sun signs go.

It would be impossible to sum up the complicated idiosyncrasies that make up a Scorpio, but as far as loving and dating a Scorpio go, these are the basics. Many of the things you read about them are mere myth. The best way to date and love a Scorpio is to know one yourself. They are a sexy jumble of emotion, and heart, they exude a certain quiet power, and when they walk into the room, heads turn.

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39 thoughts on “Date and Love a Scorpio

  1. Layla

    Wow, it seems that everything about scorpio is so dead on that it’s predictable. im virgo woman, mars in scorpio, venus in cancer, moon in taurus and cancer rising. i love to be needed, love to be generous, useful and feeling possessed by my man. it’s been a year now and my scorpio man and i have never had sex. i was getting out of a relationship but that’s not even it. it’s like…he wants me to chase him. i moved out of town without seeing him and he was so shocked and texted me that he hoped we would see each other. but im tired of initiating contact. i compensate for him bc i intuitively feel that he’s afraid of getting hurt, but so am i. im used to men chasing me so it completely confused me when i looked at him with a hint that i was ready to have sex but he said, “it’s not just about sex is it?” That was 6 months after meeting!! i know he’s testing me because im testing him too. his venus is in virgo so i know that i am his ideal, and he is mine. i’ll be visiting him soon and for the first time, ill be staying overnight with him . when he first gave me his number, i didnt call him for 3 months. i knew he deserved to go crazy wondering if i would ever call because i knew he would make me feel this way. now im hooked, but i told him…when i see u, we’ll know if it’s goodbye or hello. my mars in scorpio makes me all or nothing. we make each other laugh so hard , we talk on the phone for hours. i want him forever but i cant take all the mystery and uncertainty. but i guess if he wasnt that way, id get bored and he wouldnt have a chance with me and he knows it.

  2. ashley

    I’m a gemini woman in a relationship with a scorpio man. It’s been 9 months and all I can is it’s the best relationship I’ve ever been in. He is extremely kind, adventurous, romantic, funny, attractive, but stubborn. We get along amazingly.

  3. chantell

    I am 42 gem woman and dating a scorpio 55 man, he is confusing because he takes long answer texts,then I think he has lost intrest,only then to take me to dinner and then we passioatly make love…yummy…been seeing each other for. 2 mth and I always feel like I’m initiating stuff….when we are together we talk for hours and make passionate love,I can see in his eyes he feels something fo me…..he held my hand for the first time the other day…I love his slowness in some sense,but is also maddening…him pulling back after our night together, I go home the next day late afternoon then see him fri again….it seems to work…gem woman and scorpio men work fantastically together,respect,space,great sex,we have similar intrests and like the same style of things,music etc…..we ooze sexuality when we are together….he makes me ache for him…think I might be inlove….00000…….yes IN LOVE…..

  4. josie ballou


  5. Jan

    I am a Libra woman in love with a Scorpio woman. She has withdrawn and is seeking distance yet I feel a deep connection. We fell in love in 2001 and were together until the 1st Baptist Church learned that we were lovers. Then I was placed on “church discipline” and falsely arrested for 3rd degree trespassing a year later. The Elders of the church believe that God told them to punish me. She lived her life as a Lesbian from age 35 forward. I came out at age 60. She is 72 and I am 71. How can I reopen our previously totally compatible and passionate relationship? I love her and miss her.

  6. cindy

    Scopio women same as Scopio men. Gemini never a good match with Scopio, Element sign of Gemini is Air, Scorpio is Water, never good together if both don’t try hard on it

  7. Knightress

    As a scorpio woman, I can agree with most people on this post. We are brutally honest to a degree. Very secretive, but willing to share if we feel you are worthy. It takes time to get to know and trust someone. We are very intuitive to a fault. When we love, we love deeply. When we are hurt, we hurt deeply. Vengeance is mine, sath the scorpion. Once we get to know a person, we will share most thoughts, and only some secrets. We never truly trust anyone. Don’t ever be dishonest with us. We can see straight through it. We are like detectives in our minds. We disect everything. We aren’t as complicated as people perceive us to be. We just like to take our time to feel it out. Trust and believe, If I tell you that I love you…I do. I don’t like to be smothered. A little of you at a time will suffice. I do however, like the chase. The mystery. I get really bored with someon who gives it all at once. Or, someone who lets others take advantage of them. All in all, we are good people. I consider myself a good friend to my friends. I am dependable, loyal, loving, compassionate, stubborn, thoughtful, trustworthy and a whole list of other attributes. Just love us, and love us right. Upon doing so, in return we will give you a love like no other.

  8. Desmond

    Hey i am a 17 yr old scorpio male and i am having a hard time finding the one for me. I flirt with alot of girls and mess around with them but after awhile it becomes stale and what im asking is how do i knoe when i meet the right girl?

  9. Twinkle

    I met a Scorpio guy 3 months back..In starting he seemed so secretive and cold but as time passed , he got so much serious about our relationship…He is so so sweet loving caring…He is a perfect man with all those qualities that a girl dreams to be in his man…I love him…He is so passionate..Treats me like his Princess….and Sex ofcourse its the best….He drives me insane when he makes love to me….I thank almighty for bringing such a sweet and loving person in my life,,,,!!!

  10. Gemini twin

    Iv dated 2 scorpio guys.. They are amazing , caring, they u to be satisfied with sex so i can say they are not selfish, they cant stand being ignored, very jealous!. Its difficult as a Gemini who’s very playful n does not take things seriously, u av to be careful with words cos they read btw d lines well n it just seems they r good listeners who hardly share their stories except when hurt or sad. They make very good friends tho.

  11. zorro

    Maggie, time to close the door on him, he is looking for the passion only with you nothing else. No one should treat anyone like that. He is filling his wants and needs not yours, not all us scorpio’s are like him. that is soooo wrong on so many levels. time for you to move on and never look back. good luck.

  12. Eligant Libra

    Scorpio men are drama kings. Ive been in a relationship with a scorpio man for 2 months, and he keeps off for money sake he’s on a business trip for more than a month. Perhaps he knows libra women need a financially stable relationship. Im also trying to get him to say ‘i love you’. Lastweek, we have a horning call and i asked him if he loved me, he tried to ignore it but i repeated it thrice, till he said ‘bt u know i love you, i’ll SHOW you when i return’ they believe in expressing love, not saying it. I called him yesterday and he didnt want me off the phone. I give so much space and little space @ intervals. Anyways, so much for scorpio men’s (fake) confidence, its all fear in disguise. I afraid of being hurt, i might hurt him someday i cant predict myself. I like him cos he’s cute, sexy and extravagant, till i get someone else with these qualities, without so much drama, i just stick around. %

  13. Aishah

    i’m a sco,sun and mercury,and my partner has his mars and saturn in sco. in his 7th house it can get a little controling at times.For the most part it’s great.

  14. Faith

    I am Aries,
    I am married to a Scorpio for almost 10 years now.
    He is a good Husband and father to me and our 2 year old son.
    His words some times stings. He allows me take charge. I am always in control of everything. My scorpio husband is dependable, sexy, adventurous, warm, some times secretive. He is strong, honest, caring and above all, he is very loving………..
    I am grateful to God for giving me a man so wonderful as my Scorpio Husband!

  15. Cassandra

    Im 25 and a capricorn. Im dating a scorpio who is 40. Hes so sweet and seems to really love me. And everything that was said about scorpios sounds just like him. Im so glad i have him,hes my best friend and we are very close. I was in a 7 year relationship with a gemini and it was just crazy. It got to the point where he would act as if i wasnt even there,not say 1 word to me and it broke my heart. But when i left him it totally changed he wanted me back. Ive been with my scorpio for 4 months and i wouldnt trade him for anything.

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  17. Danielle

    I am dating and in love with a scorpio man. I am a cancer woman. This is by far the best experience yet. Best sex…seriously incredible. best emotional attachment on both ends, i feel so comfortable..although he is mysterious I feel I never have to question anything, we have a strong bond between us and he is needy for my love and attention/affection and I love to nurture him and give it freely.
    We are both very eccentric and artistic so we share our passions together. He is soft hearted and kind but I definitely fear him in a way that I won’t cross a line of disrespect but we have a mutual level of respect.
    His eyes… they penetrate me and leave me stuck often like a deer in headlights. He does love a chase and that is one thing that is hard for me to do because I am so generous and loving all the time, I don’t like things up in the air or in question and my love overflows for him. But he likes that too because he needs to feel appreciated. I highly recommend Scorpio and Cancer pairing if you both are open-minded and down to earth it will be fascinating, the best pair. It helps we are both similar signs, water and the scorpion is much like the crab. 🙂
    Ahh, I’m in love 🙂

  18. Daring Leo

    I am seeing a Scorpio and it seems like everything I’m reading is right on Q. He is passionate, loves sex (we rushed into this too early) but the sex is still hot and the calls and interest seem there on a daily basis. Worried about the unknown, when we’re together it’s usually hot and heavy whether in person or on the phone, but he lets out very little about himself and that is concerning. Almost as he guards what he says with just as much passion. I’m at a lost in a way because I’m a Leo and in much need of the same chase and attention. This is at times conflicting and worrisome. I’m impulsive, passionate and daring and when it comes to sex Leo’s and Scorpio’s have the best sex compatibility rating on the horoscope scale (very true!) but I wonder about everything else (we are not compatible signs) and at times I feel like pulling back. We have the most amazing, hot, rock the house, tear up the place kind of sex…….but is this enough to withhold a relationship on? How long is long enough and when is it ok to open up to a Scorpio without the risk of being stung?

  19. kevin

    i fell in love with a scorpio girl 6 yrs ago and guess what i am a gemini and yes it didnt turn out well. i never could prove myself to her. i just felt this bond between us but i guess she didnt. i got rejected the 3rd time by her about 2 years ago. the sad thing is i cant get over her no matter how much i try. well it reached to a point where misunderstandings led us to be even more apart. i truely liked her i still do. she said im not her type. from that day i have been trying to change myself. body and mind. i am just an ordinary looking guy with a ordinary job. i dont smoke nor do i drink anymore. i go gym 5 days a week to let my pain out on the wieghts. other then that i go work come back and well i dont have much friends either to talk to so i just do nothing. i know myself that this life i am living is very sad and i have to get over it but i just cant, i try so hard. i dont have any contact with this girl because well she blacked me from her life completely. Once we were really good friends and nowshe hates me to the guts because of things i wrote to her online as i was drunk one day. from the couple of friends i have they tell me the same thing to get over it and move on and yea they laugh as well so i dont mention it to anyone. i dont even think anyone would be able to help me.

  20. Lysasang


    He’s just using u for sex! he likes your sex but isn’t interested in anything else with you! can’t u see that? I’m a scorpio woman, emotional sex is what we thrive on. also if hes young he hasn’t met his mature side yet, we want someone that makes us feel comfortable in sex also. so my advice to you would be cut him off, don’t be available to him when he wants it, that will shock him out & upset him! it might even change the game up? but be prepared to play the game if that’s what u want to do?! cause we don’t stop till we feel we have won! I suggest you just stop dealing with him at all! he sounds like an A/H!

  21. erin chamberlain

    I am a single girl who likes to have fun. i am a very fun person to be around. I can be what ever you want me to be. i play hard ball at times but watch out if i am attracted to you your in for a ride so buckle up. i am also a lover when i love i love hard. and just want the same in return. i love to have my lover as my best friend as well cant get any better then that.

  22. Tammy

    I am a scorpio women. All that you have said is true. I do not let others into my personal circle without a lo of thought and consideration. But, once I do it is hard to stop the flow of emotions that comes from me to my partner. However, you must know that in dating a scorpio or loving one, that you have to be patient. We will come to you in time and let you know what is on our minds. But be careful what you ask for, the truth can be brutal and I believe in telling the truth to my partner no matter what.

    As far as the bedroom, I like to keep that private. What happens in there is no one else’s business unless I chose for it to be. And someone said something about us not liking to stray from our upbringing. That is correct too, it is very hard for me to risk something I consider to be taboo. We are complicated and are secretive but if we ever let you in, look out. It can be an amazing place to be.

    I hope this helps some of you out there…

  23. chrissy

    I’m dating one now and It’s driving me insane. We’ve known each other all of our lives, kicked rocks together and now learning each other on a romantic level and it’s very odd. He’s very to himself, came off very aggressive in the beginning but started to back off a little, don’t know why. Not a good communicator at all. No sure where this is going to end, and hope it doesnt destroy our life long friendship. i’m an Aries, so i thought this would be a good match. Only time will tell.

  24. cherylt

    I am a Scorpio woman and yes I agree with
    most of the article.
    If you date a Scorpio and they are truely
    interested in you wlll know just by our expressions and body language.
    We will seem secretive and hard to get because we are very guarded and selective.
    When Scorpio’s fall in love watch out , we love
    like no other sign.
    If you are with a Scorpio and not getting the attention and passion you crave wirhin a short while i am afraid to say walk away.
    We never change.

  25. ADOSSOU Cyriaque K.


    Je suis une homme poisson, né le 13 03 66, et je désire entrer en union avec : un TAUREAU, un CAPRICORNE, ou un CANCER , pour l’amour mais aussi pour si possible faire des affaires.


  26. ADOSSOU Cyriaque K.


    Je suis une homme poisson, né le 13 03 66, et je désire entrer en union avec : un TAUREAU, un CAPRICORNE, ou un CANCER , pour l’amour mais aussi pour si possible faire des affaires.

  27. sasha

    I had a scorpio for 2year and man he love his sex, he was younger than me, so u know he had all the energy i every wanted great experience. they are intense the most passionate lover i know. i would do it again and again. but they are very secretive and could be cold sometime, but what u expect they are scorpio they will sting you, when u lease expected…

  28. Gail

    I met a scorpio man four years. He approached me and i didntknow what would come out of this relationship but i kept him at arm length for six months. atfer the six months we blossom. he has ask to marry me. what everyone is saying is true. he’s kind of complications person at times. he had me strung out and i fell in love with him. they say a scorpio and leo are not compatible. we both know how to give each other the place that we need. maggie and carmen i agreed whole heartly with the both of you. all i can say a scorpio man is very secretive and do not like his business put out there. he’s private in the bedroom and its only for your pleasure.

  29. Daniela

    I met a scorpio 4 years ago. I got stung with that first piercing baby-blue look. He did exude this amazing sense of self and confidence. I know he loves me deeply. I know he trust me with everything he has. We got married last month and it’s been amazing. Those arms that he stretches to keep everyone at a distance are now wrapped around me every day. He lets me take control most of the time now because I do like to be but I’m also a very strong person and feel worthy of his love and am very confident myself. Not bitchy, but confident in my ability to please him in public and in the bedroom!

  30. Scorpio male

    Rose Cocca,
    Unfortunately, we Scorpios are that way. And we don’t want to change unless we find it a compelling necessity to do so. here are a few tips I can say about myself and few other Scorpios I have met.

    – Keep him interested. The moment you spill out all your beans at once, he will lose interest in you completely. We don’t want to date someone who is too easy to get.
    – Play a bit hard to get, but not too hard. At the same time, know this. If you want to play a bit of hide and seek, most of us Scorpios too do the same way. We know women like us and we like to be chased. And if you feel that he is the one playing hide and seek, you may as well as make the first move. There is nothing wrong in that.
    – if there is a Scorpio who is constantly willing to see you or talk to you, you know he is your man. We don’t believe in wasting time. We are hard to get close to. But we speak to a girl constantly only if we are interested. Else, we don’t even care. At the same time, also be prepared to know that he may not tell you he loves you anytime soon, but he will completely mean it from his actions.
    – Regarding sex, unfortunately, it purely depends on the upbringing. We have very strict principles and no matter what, we never break them. So if he doesn’t want to have sex till marriage or whatever (due to religious reasons or anything else), don’t ever think of forcing him into it. You may just lose him.

    Hope these tips help. Happy fishing 🙂

  31. Carmen

    I have been dating a scorpio for three years and you are sooooo right!!!!!! still haven’t heard “I love you”. and even though he claims he is not a control person !! yea right- full of B.S. Nice guy, and I feel he is loyal, and I am not ready for a full scale commitment,but when he’s at my house, he likes to take control.

  32. Maggie

    Are they all the same, they seem to keep you at arms length, and don’t let you get too close? He is driving me insane, I never know where he is or what he’s thinking, nothing, then suddenly he just shows up outta the blue for a night of passion, then 2 weeks maybe a month later no phone call or anything then here he is again. it is frustrating but, if you say anything you are afraid he will go away forever. What’s a girl to do??

  33. gayna

    i have met a scorpio and known them for some time and i have been reading about dating a scorpio on your web site and it seems true about dating a scorpio as i now he has feeling for me he is taking his time but only destiny will know just thought i would let you know that you are right about it.

  34. Rose Cocca

    how can anyone love anybody if they are not allow to go near is part of love…it has can a relationship be exciting if they cannot see one other…im all fall it but how? i have a lot of trust …but how can i get to know him better…my heart has always been there..but he cant hold on to it…but i like to know a person better..i like to date before i become intermit with i get to know him…


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