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Improving Personal Predictions | California Psychics

Improving Predictions Takes Practice

Improving personal predictions is an everyday practice of faith and trust in that you have Spirit, deceased loved ones, saints, angels, old world gods, and astrology walking with you hand in hand. Sometimes we need guidance from up above or below, so we ask for signs that lead us on the direction to obtain our need or want. When we reach out to a higher power, we first have to trust and be patient while the metaphysical wheels turn in our direction, then it’s up to the universe to determine what is best for us and the outcome of our life.

Asking for Signs

Many people say to themselves “Oh God, just give me a sign.” If you ask for something, you must be clear about how you want to see or hear the sign. For example, if you want to be in a relationship with someone you are drawn too but don’t know if it will work out, you ask for a sign. These could come after calling upon Aphrodite, Guinevere, your deceased loved ones, or Arch Angel Gabriel. They might reveal a sign by sending your spirit animal a few times a day or as a sequence of numbers, such as his or her phone number, or even as love numerals of three. Be patient to wait for and interpret these signs.

Build Spiritual Rapport

The more you build spiritual rapport with deities, saints, angels, deceased loved ones and the universe, the more likely your signs will be delivered to you steadfast and without haste. Keep in mind that the speed of your signs may take some time, but you can’t lose the faith that your signs will convert into personal predictions, and they will actually be shown to you.

Saint Expedite

If you are looking for an expedited sign or vision, then you need to start working with Saint Expedite. He is the saint of speed, so when your sign or vision manifests because of his speed, you need to tell the world what he has done for you! He wants to be remembered and he will deliver what you wish. He is one of the saints that will stand beside you and clearly show you signs and visions. If you are looking for peace, tranquility, or are looking to let go of something, then you need to call upon, not only your deceased loved ones, but also Mother Mary, Yemaya or Diana to help you focus and feel the energy of your petition to clearly see or feel the signs.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

You have to remember that the first gut feeling you get is real because it’s channeled straight from Spirit. This is called a physiological confirmation. It’s like an IV coming down from Spirit and going straight into your gut, letting you know this is the journey you’re supposed to travel. That second thought process that you have is doubt.


Unfortunately, society teaches us doubt. Do not listen to the second thought process because it is not true for you. It is what you have learned to believe by the influence of others and society. If you doubt, you’re telling the energies that you don’t trust them. And if there is no trust in them, then you may never progress in your predictions. Once you master how to separate the two, your spiritual growth and rapport with many different energies will come fast and you will be on the best path that is specifically meant for you.

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  1. jane McKibben

    have received signs but did not realize what it was saying until after the event at the time. your article has given me more insight in using this ability

  2. Psychic Kallista, ext. 9623

    Really enjoyed what you said here, Kerrigan. You are right, Saint Expedite is wonderful! He really comes through in helping you, and fast! Your article is so positive and encouraging about asking for what we need from our archangels and saints and helpers and being patient and trusting. Thank you for this! Psychic Kallista, ext. 9623


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