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The Zodiac gives great education about your fate and the highs and lows in your work or love life, but it can also tell you a lot about what’s up with your body. If you’ve ever come to the conclusion that Western medicine wasn’t enough for what ails you and have decided to give holistic healers a try, you know that they look at the body as a system. Your birth chart can tell a reader a lot about your constitution, physical vulnerabilities, and even help you figure out if your diet is making you depressed or just plain tired. Body astrology is no substitute for visiting your doctor, but it can definitely give you some helpful clues toward a more balanced life.

The ram, ruled by Mars, oversees the head, eyes, face, upper jaw and carotid arteries, metabolism, and muscular strength. Aries are fiery, driven, and like to “ram” their points home, so it’s no big surprise that many have experienced concussions, head injuries, or have sexy scars on their skulls or faces. It’s helpful for Aries to pause, meditate, or even consult anger management to avoid blowing their tops!

The bull governs the neck, ears, throat and thyroid gland. The docile Taurus loves food and usually hates exercise, so it’s extremely important to get off the couch and do something — anything. A balance of self-pampering and disciplined exercise will keep the bull from prematurely becoming a side of beef. Get out in that weather, and run, Taurus, run!

The twins rule the arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, and brain. Geminis are always “dancing as fast as they can,” dazzling us with sparkling wit and endless versatility. But this frenzied energy can cause undue stress. Slow down, Gemini, there might be a wall ahead!

The Crab is ruled by the moon and rules the stomach, digestive system, female organs, and lymphatic system. It also rules the “sacs” of the body including the eyes, cheeks, stomach, and uterus. Cancers are famously emotional, perhaps even temperamental, and their prodigious sensitivity may have negative effects on their digestive systems. Cut down on the drama, Cancer, and turn up the mellow!

The lion rules the heart, the circulatory system, and the upper back. As magnetic and brilliant as Leo is, she still takes disappointment too personally, which puts undue stress on her heart. Protect your heart, Leo, and just remember it’s not about you.

The Virgin rules the stomach, digestive system, female organs, and lymphatic system. The keen-minded and famously perfectionist Virgo can be germ-phobic and have hypochondriac tendencies. Let go, Virgo, repeat the serenity prayer, and change the things you can.

This Venus-ruled sign has dominion over the kidneys, adrenal glands, skin, and the lower back. The gorgeous and charming Libra usually has lovely skin, but can also be afflicted with eczema or psoriasis. A penchant for looking outward for validation and well-being can challenge Libra’s need for balance. Despite their street smarts, they tend to forget to drink enough water and eat their vegetables.

The Scorpion rules the bladder, urethra, reproductive system, colon, and sweat glands. The notoriously dark and mysterious Scorpio gets a bad rap. It’s because they are so unable to talk about their feelings that they turn to sex, drugs, and cigarettes to kill the pain. Scorpio’s resistance to seek support can cause them physical damage in the long run. Oh and one other thing — safe sex is crucial, Scorpio!

Jupiter ruled Sag dominates the hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, and the liver. Jupiter regulates circulation and metabolism. The robust and expansive Sagittarius has an immune system to match her temperament, and doesn’t stay sick for long. But her capacity for partying is formidable enough to be a threat. Stay home tonight, Sag, and read a book!

Saturn-ruled Capricorn oversees the bones, joints, and connective tissue, the knees, hair, nails, and teeth. Saturn, a restrictive planet, can cause the Cap to suppress her feelings. Stuffing emotions has even caused gallstones in super-controlled Capricorn. Gentle exercise is key for the fragile-kneed Cap – and shooting straight from the hip. Tell it like it is, Capricorn!

Aquarius rules blood circulation and the internal oxidation process, the calves, ankles, and the heart valves. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is associated with rare illnesses, spasms or broken bones. The quirky, cerebral Aquarius may have trouble relating to the mundane concerns of others which makes them feel isolated. But they also tend to lead a life freer from medical problems than other Zodiac signs. Being heady and aloof isn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be.

The fish rules the feet, toes, spleen, and the lymphatic system. Pisceans, ruled by Neptune, are the sensitive artistes of the Zodiac. They’re susceptible to depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. Highly empathic and intuitive, they tend to absorb the hurts of others, sometimes literally. Personal boundaries, sobriety, and exercise can keep Pisces from following Vincent Van Gogh!

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