Does Your Mood Sway Readings?

While your mood will rarely affect the accuracy of a reading with a true psychic, those times when a caller is feeling really negative or highly emotional can make it hard for many of us to get as much insightful and detailed information as we do when you’re quiet, centered and grounded.

When I’m reading someone who’s extremely angry or upset it sometimes feels like I’m trying to see in a sandstorm. It’s like I’m being pelted with hurt, anger, frustration and particularly intense subconscious thoughts about what a caller wishes they’d said, or want to say, or want to do… in response to what has upset them. It’s not directed at me, but it can still clutter up my psychic vision big time!

Don’t get a reading and drive
The most difficult challenge can be trying to read someone who is driving to a meeting that has them worried or upset. For a good reading, pull over and park for a few moments while talking to your psychic! If you’re concentrating on driving and talking and the encounter you’re dreading, or the pet or spouse you’re scared you won’t find… you are unlikely to get as much accurate information as you will when you focus solely on the conversation.

However, most psychics do understand that sometimes you just have to process and you don’t have time to park the car. If what you need right a non-judgmental sounding board, or an on-the-fly reading, then it’s our job to help you to the best of our abilities.

But even more than concerns about how moods affect readings, callers worry about whether their longings, their intense desires and goals, can cause a psychic get a “false positive” regarding relationship, career or financial questions.

Keep your energy field open
As one caller said recently, “I really, really want this relationship to work, and if you tell me it won’t work I will probably cry. But I want you to tell me the truth anyway, because I need to know if I’m wasting my time, so don’t dress it up or make it sound better just to make me feel good.” I’ve had callers hang up on me when I predict positive outcomes, while others say “That’s okay, just tell me the truth!” when the truth that I actually see is what they want but are afraid to hope for.

One of the best ways to be sure you’re not getting a false positive is to ask detailed questions. Rather than simply asking whether or not a relationship or career choice will work, have some options in mind. For each option, ask questions like: What is the likelihood that a particular dream or idea will work out for me? Why? Why not? What options do I have for affecting the outcome? What are the obstacles to my goals, from me and from anyone else involved? Or, most important (before you hear the 1-minute beep!), is there anything else that I need to know? Whole worlds can be opened up with that question!

Be willing to listen
When you expand beyond simple yes/no questions, your energy field opens up, providing broader vistas for your psychic to read. You also become more willing to hear about alternatives and subtleties that your psychic can see but which you might not be able to consider fully when you’re focused on getting a hard and fast yes/no, pass/fail answer.

Even if you’re not in the mood to hear about it right then, the Universe must want you to know about a new relationship waiting in your future, or your psychic wouldn’t be getting the information. Perhaps your awareness of a fabulous job opportunity, which is waiting to be discovered, will affect your next moves and make the new opportunity more possible. Or maybe you never considered a change of residence, but that move will link you up with members of your soul family who are waiting to welcome you.

Whatever techniques and tools we use, whether we talk to angels or use astrology or hook up to universal energies by holding a crystals, psychics can access a perspective which is broader than ordinary, every day reality. We can see probable futures, we can understand hidden motives and psychological blocks, we can see where your decisions will probably lead, and we can almost always also see possibilities beyond what you’ve been able to imagine! And I think that’s the most amazing magic of a psychic reading.

What’s been your experience? Have your moods affected your readings?

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