Why Do We Like Bad Boys?

There are plenty of nice, stable single men out there willing to fawn all over us. Unfortunately, if you like a bit of excitement, that sort of thing repels you faster than a recessionista can whip out her credit card at a Chanel sample sale. They treat us like they don’t care and it only draws us in deeper.

From Russell Crowe to Kanye West, there are plenty of celebrity bad boys to crush on from afar. Here are some of the elements that make Bad Boys intriguing.

Danger: The dangerous elements of a Bad Boy often make them irresistible to women who feel pressure to follow society’s rules. Bad Boys lead us off on those dark roads that are unexplored giving us an excuse to throw caution to the wind.

Looks: A Bad Boy may be unconventionally beautiful. His inner spirit radiates, drawing women to him. He might often have long hair and be covered in tattoos and sometimes it may only be the dark look in his eyes that signals he is defying society’s norms.

Passion: Bad Boys are deeply passionate. If they are quiet, every woman wants to be the one he confesses his true inner thoughts. They take what they want in life with a rough style all their own. The raw show of masculinity is an intoxicating aphrodisiac.

Power: A Bad Boy never relinquishes power in a relationship. He will tame the spoiled, the bored, the heartbreaker and bring them to a new level of awareness in life, then leave them. Although many will try to tame a bad boy, there will always be new depths of mystery to them that are inaccessible.

The exhilaration from being with a Bad Boy can be very freeing. They allow us to stretch our imaginations and let go of fear.

12 thoughts on “Why Do We Like Bad Boys?

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  2. Bewildered

    Okay. I have had my “bad boys” and two (yep only two) not so “bad boys’. The latter were so very boring that I couldn’t stay…where of course it was safe.
    I am 45 now. Getting a bit too over the top to keep repeating.
    I wonder if there really is one man who I could be partners with?

    Signed: Bewildered

  3. Harry

    To Mike- you hooked up with a BAD GIRL. They are out there also! What is all this about BAD BOYS. I believe that women who fall for these men are trying to fulfill a need in themselves so you cannot put blame on the men. When will women start to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming the men. What we need is a world where genders do not compete for power and control, but work together for the greater good.

  4. lorraine

    you took the words right out of my mouth. I have experieced great abuse and heartache, with a “Bad Boy” and my heart goes out to you my friend. It pains me to know there are others out there who have suffered ill will at the hands of this bad boy. You, my friend are in my prayers. if you ever need a friend. best wishes for the future, Lorraine



  6. cutie05333

    Maybe I don’t have much to say for myself. Four years ago I met a guy while I was split up with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I were together for 4 yrs at that time. I liked and cared for the new guy but it did not seem to be going anywhere, as a result I returned to my boyfriend, however I still kept hanging out with the new guy. Four years later he (the other guy) is still in my thoughts. Last January he denied dating someone else after I heard from many sources he was indeed dating someone. He knew my relationship with my boyfriend, and my feelings were very strong for him (love i guess you could say). Things ended badly with him in january when I found out he was lying and he was made at me for seeking information. I became very upset over the months and it even took me getting out and going on vacations to get my mind off of it.
    Then never thinking I would hear from him again in september he called me and wanted to hang out again (sexually) he said its just sex, I was very hesitant because I was so hurt, he is still dating the woman he said he wasnt dating back in January. I am still with my boyfriend and don’t know what I want with him. In the mean time just last week the other guy ended things saying i was telling people he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. This whole situation is so messed up. I only told one person (a close friend) what was going on cause I thought I could confid in her and she would not judge. She said she did not say anything to anyone. Thing is I am broken hearted, I cant believe this has happened again. I wish I could get over him, but then I keep praying he comes back and eventually I will end things with my boyfriend and the other guy and I will be together.

  7. Kyra

    I’ve always wondered about this for myself, at least recently. You know, I have always liked nice guys, and I’m only 18. In high school I liked the “nerdy” boys and just as of last year I found myself in love with a 21 year old, shy, intelligent, kind, engineering student.

    Right now, my current “crush” of sorts is a guy with a shaven head and tattoos covering his forearms. My friends took a glance at him and assumed I was going for some kind of bad boy. But really what made him so attractive to me is that he is very much a gentleman, and he seems to be very nice and friendly, perhaps just a little bit quiet. His outward appearance doesn’t seem to fit the nice young man that I find myself attracted to.

    I get angry with my friends who chase after bad boys….I’m just hoping that I haven’t become one of them and that he really is as kind as I think he is… and that I’m not just delusional!

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Mike,
    I’m so sorry that happened to you, but she obviously didn’t recognize a REAL man when she had one…..namely my dear,…YOU.

    Keep looking, Mike…you will eventually find a REAl and nice lady who is looking for a real gentleman.

    It’s just a myth that nice guys finish last so don’t give up being the nice person that you are….

    And, as my GrandFather used to tell me, you have to be a man first, before you qualify as a gentleman. Bad boys never seem to grow up and grow into manhood.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Margaret,
    I totally agree with you….and all of the Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists I read for would agree with you as well.

    To the ladies attracted to bad boys I say …that if they are bad to everybody else, then eventually, they will be bad to you as well !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Margaret

    “Bad Boy” is the cinematic archetype of what is mostly likely an incredibly damaged and potentially dangerous (TO YOU) Narcissist. More than self absorbed, these men (and sometimes women)feed off the game of “getting you” and taking you down. In their inner world they are incredibly insecure, and more importantly voraciously still angry about their early life and will eventually direct that anger at you. What you see as their vulnerability i.e., they share their sad stories of being victimized as a child in the early part of the relationship, is their “hook” to draw you in. Yes, they seek instant relationship to fill the deep vacancy in their heart, but ultimately they will turn that unprocessed, and unresolved anger towards you. They are incapable of being in relationship–they will seek a fresh source of adoration from the outside in short time. Extremely damaged and damaging to your self esteem. Check out http://www.melanietoniaevans.com if you continue to find yourself in this devastating relationship pattern.

  11. Mike

    Recently got “dumped” by a woman I loved dearly. On her page she’d immediately put up a thing,
    “F— Prince Charming, Give me a Bad Boy covered with Tattoos”
    Guess I’ll never get it (nor will she).


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