5 Ways to Make a Bad Day Good

Get Yourself Back on Track

Your day is going along just fine. Maybe even good, or great! Then something happens that completely throws everything off base. I’ve been there so many times. It could be an argument with a loved one, a misunderstanding at work, or an unexpected disappointment.

It can be really hard to get your day back on track. How do you create a positive shift under these circumstances? Here are five doable ways to take back your power and shift into a positive frame of mind, so a bad event doesn’t bring you down. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

1. Reframe It

How can what happened actually be a positive thing? Maybe there was an important lesson learned about better ways to communicate with a certain person. Maybe you learned an important safety tip that you’ll always remember. Reframe the events of your bad day as a necessary lesson from the Universe. For instance, when I nearly had my handbag pick pocketed in a busy restaurant, although it was upsetting in the moment, I took it as a positive message to always stay vigilant with my belongings in public.

2. Do the Next Right Thing

This mantra is actually used in 12 Step programs, but it can be applied to anyone or any situation. When you’re feeling overwhelming and caught up in negative emotions, just stop, take a minute, and ask yourself, “What’s the next right thing to do?” The next right thing could be to finish the task you’ve been procrastinating about. Productivity could be a healthy distraction from the negative event. The next right thing might be to disengage from a negative situation and take a five-minute walk outside. Just calm yourself, ask yourself this question, and see what arrives. It can get you back on track to making your day good again!

3. Practice Mindfulness

Take a few minutes for yourself; even go to a restroom if you have to. Practice breathing techniques or a brief three-minute meditation. Try to release all thoughts in this moment, including thoughts related to the event. Let it all go. Then come back refreshed.

4. Do Something Kind for Yourself

Being kind to yourself will soothe you and shift you out of that negative headspace. Once you’ve done what you can to address a problem, you don’t want to be stuck playing the situation over and over in your head all day. Choose an activity that uplifts your energy. It could be playing your favorite music, taking a bath, or reading a magazine you’ve been looking forward to. Even doing something nice for your home, like giving the sink a good scrubbing, can release any pent-up energy, and give you the gift of clean, cheerful surroundings to boot!

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5. Talk to Someone

If it feels safe, talk to someone around you, or call a family member or friend. Keep in mind, you don’t have to unload the negative event onto them. (In some cases, that can be counterproductive if talking about the problem only makes you dwell on feeling badly.) For instance, if you’re at the office, going to the break room and making small talk with a coworker can help you shift gears and let go of the negativity. You can also always speak with a relationship or life advisor, to give you that boost to reach a positive mindset again. Or hey, even talk to yourself, out loud or by journaling. It’s important not to ignore, but to acknowledge, how a negative or challenging event made you feel, in order to process those feelings and move forward.

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