6 Ways to (Not) Send Him Away Screaming

Be Affectionate—But Still Treat Your Man Like a Man!

Many of the behaviors you exhibit with your friends may not be so welcomed by your lover. In fact, many of your behaviors may be what is actually scaring men away! Though it is great to “be yourself” and act normal, you also must consider how your actions might make your man feel less manly; and, if you emasculate a man, he will not want to spend more time around you. Consider the following six pieces of advice when communicating with your date, boyfriend, or husband:

1. Texting Etiquette

When your man texts you, text back in a timely manner. Do not over-text him unless he blows you up your phone with texts first. Otherwise, you may smother him if the relationship is still new. Sexting or texting sexy photos are not effective ways to establishing a long-term relationship. Basically, let him set the texting tone and frequency. Follow his lead as if you are on the dance floor of your cell keypad. 

2. Corral the Calling

Remember that talking on the phone or in person are better communication methods than texting for developing a lasting connection. With that said, know that men do not like to talk for hours on the phone. Keep it brief and always end the conversation first. First of all, a gentleman will not end the dialogue if he likes you. Second, this keeps him wanting to talk to you more since you didn’t talk his ear off. Third, use this opportunity to find out more about him and his interests. This isn’t an opportunity for you just to talk about yourself!

“Is there such a thing as true love? Yes there is!” – Marin ext. 5113

3. Nixing Nicknames

Let him give you a nickname before you give him one. Some men like using nicknames for their partners and also like it when their partners have nicknames for them.  Find out what he likes. If you begin with the cutsie wootsie nicknames without knowing whether he likes them or not, you could be annoying him. Also, don’t give him a nickname if you don’t want him to give you one of your own.

4. Decision-Making Trust

Let him decide, for heaven’s sake! You should know by now that you cannot change a man’s mind. So, you either like his decision making and stand by him, or you do not respect his general decision making, and you leave him. A man’s role is to be the protector, so let him decide how to keep you safe while leading you both down the right path.

5. Thoughtful Gift-Giving

Guys do not want stuffed animals, flowers, framed photos, cute boxers, anything with hearts and definitely not cheesy scrapbooks. These gifts are useless and signs of clingy romance-obsessed women. Give him something manly, useful and related to his interests. So, come up with a gift that you know he will like. If you are unsure, just ask him for some ideas. Or, take him out for a steak dinner and then take him to the bedroom!

6. Worship His Package

Treat his penis like a prize! Give it plenty of attention, compliment it, and talk about it as if is the only one you have ever seen. Men are often insecure about their package, so make him feel extremely secure and proud. Likewise, your vagina is a prize! And your man feels like a victor for conquering it. Keep your prize sacred to him by not talking about your period, yeast infection, or other issues unless it is something he absolutely has to know. Stick to talking about how turned on he makes you!

Now that you have read these six tips, reflect upon your romantic habits and ponder what changes you can make that may make your man happier and feeling manlier than ever!

“Relationships magnify the human experience.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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6 thoughts on “6 Ways to (Not) Send Him Away Screaming

  1. LUCY

    Hi Melody: I love this article. And very appropriatewords for these times of romance. If people follow your suggestings made in this article, they will open up to many more possibilities in their personal lives. GREAT JOB!

  2. Jolene M. Bries-Jensen

    LOL Melody you are so right. After a 20 year marriage I was scared to death to start dating again. Reading this article made me laugh at myself and some of the things I did. I did figure things out but the poor men I scared in the process.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    GREAT tips, Melody !!!!!

    I preach tips # 1 and #2 quite a bit to my clients …..as it seems to really get so out of hand at times, that their guys literally run from them, while turning OFF their cell phones!!!!!!……less is more in this area.

    “”” Basically, let him set the texting tone and frequency. Follow his lead as if you are on the dance floor of your cell keypad.”””

    “”” With that said, know that men do not like to talk for hours on the phone”””.

    Melody, agree with the above comments 500% !!!!!

    Nice job, Melody !!!!…..Gina Rose

  4. -quinn ext. 5484

    such a great article…

    nicknames and packages. give his package a nickname, more than likely he already has a nickname for his package.
    like king cong or mandingo or jr. or as robin williams called his package “mr. happy”.
    gotta love men. gotta worship their package.

  5. Pam

    Would agree with the majority of this advise. However, much of this advise is geared toward the expectation that the man will take the lead and be the agressor in the relationship. Though this may be true in some cases it is not always, especially today when more men are open to a woman acting as the assertive partner.
    Many men are quite content to allow a woman to take the lead and actually prefer it!
    Though women can certainly become overly enthusiastic and have the potential to smother a partner keep in mind that some men actually relish this attention and seek it out.
    Better to gauge your personality compatibility, learn to be sensitive to a man’s likes and dislikes and show him the same level of respect that you would desire from him.
    Knowing when to plow ahead and to pull back in a relationship to give someone their necessary space is a subtle art, one that often takes a great deal of intuitive sensitivity to achieve.


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