Unleash Your Sexy Side

Celebrate You!

Don’t just save sexy for the bedroom and don’t just be sexy for someone else—celebrate yourself and unleash your sexy side in every part of your life until you positively radiate sexy all over.

Confidence is Sexy

Are you lacking a little luster in the self-love department? Stop concentrating on all the things you don’t like about yourself. Concentrate and accentuate all the parts of you that are great, inside and out. Do you know what others find sexy about you? Is it your fabulous smile, your witty sense of humor or your beautiful hair? Find the confidence to love the best parts of you and banish any negative thoughts. Did you know that having self-confidence makes you attractive? Having a hard time finding your confidence? Talk with Psychic Justine ext. 5402 to find out what’s blocking you.

Sexy is Contagious

When you do something nice for yourself, you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you shine. When you shine, people notice and smile. When people smile, you smile back. You feel good, you look good, and you’ve just unleashed your sexy side. It’s contagious and it’s exhilarating.

Pamper Your Inner Diva

Whether you get a pedicure or give one to yourself, the end results are the same—cute, painted, well-manicured toes to slip into a pair of sexy sandals. Get yourself a new hairstyle. Try it straight, curly, upswept or in a side ponytail. Wear clothes that look good and fit well—too big is too frumpy, too tight is too embarrassing, and both will make you self-conscious. It doesn’t matter what size you are or how tall or short you are. If you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside, your sexiness will unleash itself.

Where Do You Start?

If you’re not sure where to begin, start by listening to others when they complement you. People probably make these comments often, but do you notice them? Listen to those who already think you’re wonderful and what they see, and make that your focal point. Still not sure where to start? Talk with Psychic Julia ext. 9131 to see your path ahead.

If you believe you’re fabulous, everyone else will too. Exude confidence and self-love, and you will attract people who are also confident that they can love you, too. Visualize who you want to be, whether it’s how you want to act, how you want to look, or both. If you can visualize your sexiness, you can be sexy, and then you’re free to show the world just how sexy you are. You’re free to unleash your sexy side with exuberance and passion.

Now get out there and knock ‘em out, you sexy thang!

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18 thoughts on “Unleash Your Sexy Side

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  2. Sheila

    I lost my sexy when I lost some of my teeth,I did”ent want to smile anymore.
    When I met my new boyfriend he helped me find my inner sexey again and I”m
    more than willing to show it off when ever possible.

  3. notsonice

    Had to laugh about painting your toenails and putting on sexy shoes. My toes are all crooked and just painting them is a challenge. But hey i still feel sexy because when i meet someone i show them my toes and if they can look beyond them and at me thats great. I am still happy with who i am.

  4. Ishmeal

    So true indeed! Honestly, i never had self confidence but a few female friends helped me build on it. I still could remember them saying ” Oh you look so cute in this dress today”. Few words but were very inspirational and worthwhile to me. I really love these friends for that; they really helped me to love myself!

  5. Sheila Mason

    Somehow you have mistaken me for someone else, I do enjoy your entries and find them to be legitament, I have been through so much in the last twenty years – sexy has been forgotten. I wanted to win a man out of quality of character, genuine love, and a sense of being there for him, not just hitting him with the sexy side – but after a recent surgical procedure – it was like waking up from a different dimension. I especially enjoy all the entries that you have sent. And I think that it is time I took that advice, and let the sexy aide of ME loose.
    I can still be all those things, hopefully without giving him the wrong impression. I don’t want to push us into areas that require time to gete to know and understand. So thanks again. Keep it comin’.

    This is not for FACEBOOK.

  6. Sheila Mason

    Thank you for that idea, it has been a long time since I considered myself sexy, Oh I don’t know maybe the disability, and the fight to get what I am entitled to, pain, medications, therapy – back and forth all weigh in on the breaking down of a woman. And it did its damage. I love men, and I need to get my sexy back on. Well after receent surgery, I do feel like a new woman and it is time to heed your advice. Thank you.

    This message is not for Facebook….

  7. Randy

    I want to tell you all something and this is true I made a comment on yesterdays stuff and I have alot of family members that has chldren. They are my friends on face book as well the kids. They put the name of the article on face book and now I can’t delete it. so watch what you comment on. I thought this was supposed to be an adult talk theme place her a place where we could air out or fill the frustraton of others I guess I was wrong I felt even though some of you may be younger I loved hearing good things you’ll had to say about the other in your life and every body goes through pains little ot big its bad enough. I have felt the good and the bad for each of your comments but the old sag is probably going to saY GOODBYE AND GOOD THINGS TO ALL.

  8. lost

    Every time I let my sexy side out, my life gets crussed one more time in a new way. I vote stay home. Dont talk to any one or go any where. Hell will break loose if you dont.

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  10. unity

    i need help,i no longer have interests on men and also i lost confidence of my self cant trust myself recently and its hard to find love,how can i know who’s the right men

  11. Alvin Dangerfield

    looks to me when I lost my job I lost everything else then and like always God step in on time its not always easy to let your sexy side show when things happen unexpected. So now let it show with a big smile go on show those whites no matter what anyone has to say or do. Look hold your head up high,put a smile on your face take charge but let God take control

  12. Jolene M. Bries-Jensen

    Awesome article. I felt drab and dumpy for many years, my confidence was definitely lacking and it showed. When I stepped back, thanks to a California Psychic, to look at all I had I was proud and started taking care of it…I didn’t want to pamper me before but with my new set of eyes I saw all the reasons that I should. Two years later I never open a door. Not because I can’t but because NOW people actually see me coming. I don’t wear expensive clothing either I actually shop thrift stores & men are always asking me out.

  13. s.o.s men

    thank’s for charring good move but perfect don’t exist don’t forget that par and what don’t kill you don’t make stronger it make you smarter in joy your momet bless


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