Who’s Responsible for Your Big O?

Taking Control

Are you satisfied with your love life? Do you have one? Do you need one to have a good moment or two experiencing the big O? Over many years of doing love readings, one of the questions I ask my callers when they are confronted with whether or not to stay in the relationship is “is it the best orgasm you ever had” or “is it the best lovemaking you ever had”? Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes the answer is no.

Little by little, the sexy loving energy or romance of a relationship falls to the wayside in order to keep it floating financially. Parenting, family issues, career, hobbies, and of course our pets somehow get to take center stage. By the time we hit the pillow, the sandman has sprinkled his sleep dust and we’re off to dreamland.

Leaving us with the big oh! Not the big O. The morning comes around, and the day starts out with a stretch. Is your honey stretching out too, with morning breath and the dog staring in your face for a walk?

Oh well, that loving moment passed, and we now move on to noon. Lunchtime is an hour break and the bathrooms at the local restaurants are not co-ed. The car in the parking lot doesn’t quite cut it either, so missing lunch to run home and have a few minutes alone can work, but no one is hot enough to have the big O, so you just fool around and leave back to work hungry and horny. Oh the joy of love.

Thanks goodness for purse-size vibrators that are quiet, and a private moment in the ladies’ room gives you the release you need to continue the day with a clear head.

Much to my amazement, I’ve discovered that there are women who have never had the big O with another person or alone. Ladies, it’s okay to have the big O, and lots of them for that matter. It takes practice and patience, and if you start to practice this highly satisfying experience alone, you will find it is easier to have multiple big Os with whoever you’re with. Knowing how to do you is an advantage with a new lover, as you can show them the right spots.

There are lotions and potions to help enhance the thrill. Toys are a no fuss no muss way to get the job done in record time. Heck if you are so inclined you can have a honeymoon with each new device you buy. No need for fancy nightgowns but a pretty scented candle and some good music or your favorite movie (there are some good movies made by women for women) to set the mood…

Teach yourself to have fun, to let go of the uptight attitude of leaving the work of your orgasm to the other person.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Responsible for Your Big O?

  1. misskrystal

    These are things to definitely keep, at least, mental notes on-
    I feel if we really think about this article, with an open mind, there is truth to this.
    Important points for sure. Thanks, Quinn. Huggies. Miss Krystal


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