10 Awesome Ways to Make Your Relationship Fun Again

It’s time to return the fun and magic to your relationship with 10 things that take a little time and even less effort – bringing a newness to your lives.

Revitalize Your Love

Glitter, sparkle, and white-hot heat characterize new relationships. Body chemistry is boiling, the real world seems far away, and even casual conversation drips with delight. How do you bring all that magic back to your established relationship?

Science tells us certain brain chemistry whirls into motion when we find a new love—our bodies ready us to preserve the species. As partnerships mature, that chemistry subsides into something more subtle and your physiology sets up a quieter, long-term coupling.

The sparkle dims. Will nothing exciting ever happen again? You may not get that heat of passion and excitement back the way it was, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love each other and enjoy new elements of your relationship. Try some of these ideas and I’ll bet you’re laughing and having fun before a week is out.

1. Relearn to laugh. Yes, you’ve heard his jokes and punchlines a hundred times, but act as if they’re new. Pay attention to her one liners and let yourself laugh. Surprise! Some of that stuff is really funny.

2. Set aside time to appreciate each other. At least once a week, turn off the outside world and focus on each other. Go out for a great dinner or spend the evening at home playing a game. No movies—they don’t encourage interaction.

“Keep your partner happy by being happy yourself.” – Blythe ext. 5339

3. Together, make a list of ten things you can afford to do and are capable of doing together. Dance lessons, bungee jumping. A weekend at a spa. Learn to fly fish. Commit to one at a time and stick with the project until you complete it.

4. Get off the couch. Get moving. Being on top of your game changes your outlook faster than anything I know of. Pick one, just one, exercise mode and do it together as often as possible.

5. Unplug. Consider your home life—does the TV go on as soon as dinner ends? Who slumps on the couch for the next five hours until bedtime? Do web surfing, texting, and telephoning play huge roles in passing the time at home? Make Saturday afternoon your unplugged time and cook up something fun to do instead.

6. Get social. Redevelop your relationships with friends and family. You’ll appreciate each other more if you share a great network of great people.

7. Share a psychic adventure. Find a good practitioner and have an aura reading or a past life regression together. You may learn something delightful about each other.

8. Get goofy. If you don’t have kids, borrow some and go do something completely childlike with them. Visit the ice cream parlor and create a sundae. Make snow angels or play tag. Model aliens in clay. A play day with kids can be a ray of sunshine.

“Anyone can attract a fun partner by having a fun sense of self.” – Lalita ext. 5408

9. Connect with each other. Make a concerted effort to make eye contact. Really look at each other at least once a day. Touch frequently. Kiss. Smile. Laugh.

10. Say it. Nothing says, “I love you” like “I love you.” Say it often and with real feeling—make it happy, seductive, sexy, passionate, or just plain sincere.

These little things are easy to do. They take little time, and even less effort, but the benefits are innumerable. When you put yourselves back into the habit of appreciating your partner’s best points and valuing the time you’ve been given together, life looks a little brighter and it’s just not all that tough to have fun together.

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12 thoughts on “10 Awesome Ways to Make Your Relationship Fun Again

  1. Saya

    I’ve done these before and ik my bf like the back of my hand but I really wanna feel that rush when kissing him again….I wanna have that back bec I’ve been faking for a while now that everything is fine between us and he doesn’t c much change…..

    1. Saya

      Seriously if u wanna bring the love back try different things and live life to the fullest I’ve read most of these comments and it doesn’t seem like it was very successful….with me and my bf was perfect but then he broke a vow and that’s started arguments and fighting (he didn’t cheat its ok) all I asked is if I could b the centre of his world and it took him 3 years to understand what I meant bec he found it online….but seriously in a relationship u should both b happy and trust each other enough and u give that person ur all and yet some of us get cheated stepped on a pulled away by work and forget the fun
      What I would say to do is relive some of ur greatest moments and most memorable experiences

  2. lizzyjay

    I love my boyfriend we had lots of fun and now all we do is argue,I hate it where did our fun times go!?since we moved together it has become worse we love each other I love him more then I can say I wan.a be happy again please HELP!!!!

  3. Kyle

    Please tell me more. I really want my relationship to work and don’t know where to go anymore. I understand each relationship has its problems but this one seems to blow up everyday. Yet we really really live eachother. I get annoyed for the smallest thing what do I do? HELP!

  4. Indranil

    I told her I love u.and she replied saying (don’t ever call me or mail me or an sms ,or I’ll kill u)but she loved me,i proposed her in the first date.she has not told me so at that time,but why now?may I get her?


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