Obvious Sex Tips

Listen up, lovers. These might seem like really obvious observations to enhance your sex life, but you’d be amazed at how many lovers (all the world over!) don’t have a clue. Master these principles and you’ll be a better lover… and leave your mate longing for the next encounter.

Foreplay is muy importante!
Unless it’s a quickie (which should not always be the case!), don’t just go for the gold. The work up is an integral part of lovemaking. Ideally, foreplay should be an all-day, ongoing affair. If the thought scares you, don’t worry. An all day affair does not mean you have to make out literally all day. It means you need to learn to incorporate the power of suggestion into areas you wouldn’t normally consider sexual.

For instance…
Build up the anticipation throughout the day in order to enjoy a hot passion-filled night. Foreplay can encompass a wide range of activities: sending your lover a naughty text message, slipping a note in their lunch or delighting them with some Gerber daisies or a favorite finger food (that you feed them later in bed). Don’t be afraid to say you find something they do sexy. Even a suggestive look can go a long way – especially if it’s something secret the two of you share in a room filled with other people. These small but essential things build trust and build passion throughout the day.

All of you
Don’t forget to explore all of your lover’s body. Don’t kiss and go straight for below the belt with a short detour in the chest area. If you are to blame for this kind of unbecoming behavior, spend more time touching, massaging and examining your partner’s entire body. Remember that most women need prolonged stimulation to reach complete arousal so don’t feel inadequate because of this – it’s just a fact. Embrace it!

Wallow in it
Don’t ever roll over and go to sleep immediately after sex! While it may take a Herculean effort to stay awake, you have to at least try. Consider that during lovemaking, you have been inside each other – both physically and figuratively – which can leave someone quite vulnerable. So it’s no wonder lovers usually like to nuzzle or share sweet words after lovemaking.

Be responsible
Share the responsibility for birth control. Don’t give anyone a hard time for using a condom or pressure a woman to go on the pill. First, the pill works differently with different women and if someone is concerned about using synthetic hormones you should applaud their awareness! Both of you should help buy the condoms and share in any costs. This tip may also mean going to the gynecologist or clinic together. Each of you must take a genuine interest.

Most of all, exquisite love making comes from not rushing, getting to know your partner, being gentle and taking responsible. It really is that easy! Now enjoy.

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