The Signs of Your Success

Success at work really depends on having the correct answers to these questions: Where do you shine? When does luck dog your heels? What makes you optimistic? How do you naturally generate prosperity? What is at the core of your desire for personal growth? You simply can’t take advantage of your luck or your gifts, if you’re ignoring them. Your astrological birth chart holds the key to using all the advantages Jupiter sets at your feet. Understanding it is one important way to make good choices for your career. (To find out where Jupiter is in your chart, click here.) Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, represents luck, prosperity, ideals, philosophy as well as intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. Jupiter’s placement in your chart shows where in your life you’re likely to be the most positive and find your avenue to prosperity, and where religious or philosophical concerns are focused. Jupiter, by sign, reveals how you will best find career growth and prosperity: Jupiter in Aries You love to get things rolling, making you a natural leader. Ignore that and you make yourself and everyone else at work unhappy. So, set your sights on management or entrepreneurship. Jupiter in Taurus Steady, patient, conservative and concerned with money – those sterling abilities will help you secure your fortune in finance or investing. Jupiter in Gemini Your restless, active and curious intellect is your greatest asset. The riches of the ‘life of the mind’ will come easily to you, but perhaps not the careful accumulation of wealth. Jupiter in Cancer The security of home and hearth are paramount to you, making you a natural (and successful!) investor in real estate. Jupiter in Leo Your generosity and grand gestures are legendary, you can use these considerable talents successfully organizing and enjoying fundraising and charity events. Jupiter in Virgo Practical, steady and dutiful, you’ll never be accused of being a spendthrift. If you find a trusted professional to invest for you, your assets will grow; you tend to be far too cautious. Your best career successes are in the helping professions: counseling, nursing, and teaching. Jupiter in Libra Charisma, idealism and an incredible magnetism draw people to you; your success in life will be due to your ability to persuade, charm, finesse and broker deals between unlikely partners. Make your fortune wherever people skills are key. Jupiter in Scorpio Your penetrating intelligence and analysis get right to the heart of the matter in business, making you a formidable partner and opponent. Your strengths will win out whether you apply them to small business ownership, the trading floor or financial analysis. Jupiter in Sagittarius You have an active and quick mind, you’re quick to absorb subject matter and almost as quick to become interested in something else. Your fortune will ride on the strength of your convictions. When you believe in something, you’ll ‘convert’ others simply by virtue of your enthusiasm – and your sales will be the envy of the department. Jupiter in Capricorn Money, influence and power are attractive to you, fortunately your conservative financial nature and your prudent decisions pretty much guarantee you a high degree of status and success. Jupiter in Aquarius Seek your success in social justice, you’re a true, natural democrat; everyone has equal value to you. You may not amass a fortune, but perhaps far more importantly when you utilize this strength you’ll make a real difference. Jupiter in Pisces Deep down you are a bit of a mystic, a truly compassionate soul who genuinely loves to give and to share. Follow your heart and the whole world will be a richer place, excepting perhaps your bankbook. But not to worry, you’ve got inner riches few people can ever rival, and you know it. Jupiter shows us how we can expand into our fullest potential. When you work with your innate abilities and strengths, your growth can be dramatic and inspiring to others.

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