Communicate Like a Star

Everyone knows Leo is the lion: dominant, enthusiastic, creative and sometimes a tad self-obsessed. Mercury is the planet of thoughts, ideas and communication. Where Mercury tends toward reason and contemplation, Leo is warm and full of heart, so when the two come into contact, the intellectual realm becomes a lot more exciting.

As Mercury moves into Leo, you should carefully consider how you use the gift of gab. Without even realizing it, you may end up expressing your opinions too forcefully, refusing to listen to another point of view or creating a dangerous misunderstanding.

But Mercury in Leo doesn’t have to hurt your personal, professional and romantic lives. In fact, it can be a boon to your communication! Here are some tips for communicating like a star during this tricky time — and all year ’round.

Do: Speak Up
Don’t: Talk Down
As the planet of ideas and thoughts, Mercury offers some great insight. Couple Mercury’s intellect with Leo’s outspokenness, and you can’t help but share your great ideas with the world — loudly!

But you’ll have to work hard to keep your voice in check. When mixed with the passion of Leo, the observations of Mercury can often come across as critical or condescending. Confidence — not arrogance — should rule your communications while Mercury is in Leo.

Do: Explore Ideas
Don’t: Rely on Tunnel Vision
Mercury brings with it an exciting feeling of intellectual clarity. The downside is that the feeling isn’t always based in reality. Even if you usually carefully weigh different viewpoints, Leo’s forceful nature may quickly convince you that your thinking is right on the money.

So no matter how sure of yourself you are, when Mercury is in Leo, take extra time to consider other ideas. Once the overconfidence of Leo passes, you may realize that another idea is just as good, if not better than your own.

Do: Show Off
Don’t: Fall Flat
When Mercury is in Leo, you may find yourself giving fierce, fiery speeches — without the facts to back up your argument. Leo loves the spotlight and enjoys putting on a good show, so your communications will appeal more to a sense of drama than actual logic.

Keep yourself in check during this time by making sure you’ve done your homework. Research the facts first — and then you’ll be able to take some real pride in showing off what you know.

Managing Mercury in Leo
Despite the danger of overconfidence, Mercury in Leo doesn’t have to be a minefield. Instead of avoiding communication, use the power of Mercury in Leo to your advantage. You’ll find that when you do have an amazing idea, you’ll be able to communicate it with excitement and authority.

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