10 Signs He’s Cheating

Do you have a feeling in your soul that something isn’t quite right with your significant other? Pay attention to your instincts – your inner voices are usually right.

No woman wants to believe that her man is cheating, but it can and does happen. We all know that. Here are ten surprising tells that may indicate all is not what it seems:

1. It’s lovely to have his undivided attention. Who wouldn’t want a dozen roses for no reason at all? Some guys are great at attending to your needs, but if your partner has typically been a bit casual and suddenly showers you with goodies, think twice. Could be guilt driving that romance.

2. Variety is the spice of everything, but if his routine changes, his habits alter, he takes a new interest in his appearance, or just seems bright and new, it could be a problem. The excitement of illicit love makes men sit up and sparkle.

3. His cell phone disappears and his computer is now password protected. All his known passwords are changed for “security” reasons. Not good.

4. In a slow economy, everyone can use a bit of additional cash, but is your mate putting in a lot of overtime? If it isn’t typical, better keep an eye on it.

5. Be aware of unexplained telephone charges, lots of calls to a new number, or frequent hang up calls.

6. There might be lipstick on his collar, but finding an odd glove, someone else’s clothing item or an earring is more likely. You might find a cigarette end, and he doesn’t smoke. If odd things turn up, he may be doing something he shouldn’t.

7. He’s so overly sensitive that you can’t say “good morning” without creating an argument. He’s the poster child for surly. “Moody” doesn’t begin to do him justice, and you can’t say or do anything right. Unless he’s fighting depression, you might want to keep a close eye on your relationship.

8. He’s simply never available. Tired. Busy. Preoccupied. Has to go see his mother more often than he sees you?

9. Now he can’t stand your friends. His friends observe he’s lost interest in nights out. He skips the hottest game on TV because he’d rather go for a run? Wait a minute, dear, you’d better find out where he’s running to.

10. What? Your hot-as-flame sex life has simmered to a boring routine? Uh oh.

Should you hire an investigator, search the car, rifle through his wallet? I’m not saying any man whose interests change or who begins to focus on being healthy and fit is cheating. It’s likely he’s still the light of your life and only has eyes for you. However, if you keep running into odd coincidences and your radar tells you something is rotten, trust your gut and check it out.

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3 thoughts on “10 Signs He’s Cheating

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  3. indigodanceindigodance

    I would like to add sudden changes in sexual appitite… it can turn the other way as well…

    * sudden requests to try new moves, yet he seems already to be aware of them, not finding out together

    * touching in places and ways not familiar to usual, again done in such a way that doesnt seem new to him

    * even conversation can change with comments and requests coming out of the blue that are new to you

    If he is thinking about rampent sex he had with his fling, and his sexual urges are riding high, he will try it on just to satisfiy his needs – yes hoping you will just go along with it and (blindly) not notice !!!!

    No – it not him being sexy and attentive…. hes been practicing else where !!!!


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