What Does it Mean When You Dream About Your Significant Other Cheating on You?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Significant Other Cheating On You? | California Psychics

The Cheating Dream

Nightmares as an adult can be pretty terrorizing. Gone are the days of dreaming up a boogeyman under your bed, or in the closet. Adult nightmares, like ones where your partner is cheating on you, can leave you haunted, trying to decipher what those dreams mean.

Being cheated on in a dream can leave you feeling like it actually happened. Many who experience these night terrors of infidelity report waking up with their hearts sunk into their stomach. Waking up with a range of nasty feelings is never any fun. But before you roll over and shake your SO awake with accusations, take a deep breath. Dreams are not always what they seem. How you feel about the dream is key to decoding it.

This Dream Isn’t What You Think

It might soothe you to know that cheating dreams are extremely common, one of the top five dreams that adults have, in fact. According to a sleep study by Amerisleep, almost a quarter of women have experienced cheating themes while dreaming. Don’t go leaving your boyfriend or divorcing your partner yet, though! Another fact to put your mind at ease is that these dreams are often symbolic and rarely indicate unfaithfulness. Dreams are usually our subconscious trying to alert us to or help us process things that are happening during our waking lives.

What Can a Cheating Dream Mean?

So, what do dreams about your partner cheating on you mean? There are a few widely accepted interpretations by leading dream experts and psychologists. Usually they point to some form of unrest in a relationship. Here are the common underlying issues that cheating dreams can uncover:

  • Neglect/Attention: Is your partner giving you enough attention? Maybe they are working a lot or spending tons of time on their hobbies. Maybe you can’t go out as often as you used to, especially right now. Even if you are spending quality time together, is your partner fulfilling your love language? If you aren’t feeling “seen” in your relationship, speak up. Often our partners need direction in giving us what we need.
  • Fear of Abandonment: According to many relationship therapists, dreams about infidelity usually happen when a relationship is actually going well. This leans into insecurity and a suspicion that you don’t believe it will last. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean your relationship is going to come crashing down any time soon. Work within yourself to uncover why this fear is popping up.
  • Insecurity/Self-Esteem: Perhaps you dreamt that your partner was unfaithful with someone you perceive as much more attractive than you? This has nothing to do with them and everything to do with how you feel about yourself. This would be a great time to remind yourself that you are amazing, and your partner would not be with you if they didn’t think so!

When You Dream That You’re the Cheater

What does it mean when you dream that you cheat on your partner? Often these dreams mean that you are feeling guilt or betrayal. It doesn’t always have to do with your relationship though. Have you been dishonest about something? Your dreams could be telling you to come forward and be transparent about things. Sometimes dreams where you are the cheater happen after fights. Do you feel guilty for saying or doing something that hurt your partner? Even if you apologized, your mind could be working through feeling bad about it. This is true especially when you get “caught” in the dream.

Cheating with Someone You Know

If you dreamt you are cheating on your partner with someone you know, that could be your mind expressing guilt for giving that person too much attention in your waking life. If you are dreaming of multiple people in a cheating dream, this could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed with demands from too many people. What if you didn’t feel guilty about being the cheater? This could mean that you are just a little bored in the bedroom and are looking to spice things up, not necessarily with another person.

Unresolved Issues

No matter who the cheater is, a silver lining to having this type of nightmare is that it often brings up an unresolved issue within your relationship. Before confronting your partner (or confessing), take the time to decipher what’s going on and what you are feeling. Understanding your frustrations, needs, and desires is the first step in communicating them.

Communicate with Your Significant Other

Cheating dreams meaning that your partner is actually cheating is a rare explanation, but not something to rule out completely. If you are already harboring suspicions, this could be your intuition calling out to you. Listen to your gut and have a heart to heart about your relationship and fidelity. Either way, these dreams are probably bringing up something you should talk through once you’re awake!

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    I keep having a reaccuring dream of a friend who has passed away about 4 years ago now and in the dream he tells me that he’s still alive and I’ll see him again soon. I don’t know what to make of it


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