Fool-Proof Ways to Prevent Cheating

Keep Them (and You) Faithful

A recent survey suggested that about 20 percent of men (15 percent of women) under the age of 35 have cheated on their spouse at least once. Other surveys claim as many as 50 percent of lovers will have an affair at least once in their lifetime, and over 90 percent have at least fantasized about it. With odds like these, it may not be such a bad idea to be a little proactive when it comes to keeping your partner faithful.

There is a lot of good information out there about curbing the chances of going astray. However if you read enough articles you might get the idea that cheating is caused by things like not keeping up your appearance, by not being sexually adventurous in bed, mommy issues or Internet addiction. While these may be reasonable suggestions, they are not the biggest reasons that cheating occurs.

Most people cheat because they are not getting what they need out of the relationship. What do we need? Well, we need a lot of things, but what men and women are especially looking for is recognition, support, love (intimacy) and appreciation. In order to create a fool-proof plan to prevent cheating, we have to consider what we know, and how we can use that to our advantage.

Choose Wisely

Science has already suggested that there appears to be a genetic link to cheaters, so you may not always be able to control the destiny of a serial cheater. However, you may be able to identify the profile of a cheater before you invest too much in them. And don’t think that just because someone wants to get married, that they have changed their rambunctious ways. A serial cheater will always feel “trapped” in a committed relationship.

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Maintain a Working Relationship

As I mentioned before, cheating is almost never about sex. It is usually about love and support. When a cheater claims they are not getting enough sex, they are actually admitting they don’t feel appreciated and connected to their partner. So, they set out to reclaim those butterflies, and they end up with a whole lot more. You can fight fire with fire in two ways:

Remind Them That You’re Their Lover

Flirt with your partner. You used to do it all the time in the old days, and doing it again will make them feel wanted and attractive. It’s also sexy and exciting. You can even watch porn together, as some experts recommend, to get your fires going.

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Remind Them That You’re Their Best Friend

As their best friend, you are their ally and trusted confidante. They are more likely to come to you when there is a problem in the relationship. Focus on the things that are positive about your relationship and feed it with positive vibes.

Trust Your Partner, but Give Them Boundaries

A group of researchers reported that by attempting to safeguard your relationship with an iron fist (checking computer history, enforcing limits, questioning receipts and asking about e-mails), you only end up driving your partner towards the action you are trying to prevent. For those with kids, this will sound familiar to the old “forbidden fruit” theory, which suggests if you tell your kids not to do something, they will probably be planning its execution before you even finish your sentence. However, there is a way around this.

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Studies suggest that a partner is much less likely to stray if they have been given detailed boundaries as to what is expected of them in the relationship. You don’t need to constantly survey your partner’s actions, but rather be clear about what faithfulness means to you. By choosing right the first time and maintaining a good relationship, which includes all the toppings (intimacy, respect, appreciation, security, etc.), you will have as fool-proof a commitment as love can buy.

2 thoughts on “Fool-Proof Ways to Prevent Cheating

  1. marc from the uk

    Great article, this should be issued as advice at the Alter! followed by the Ceremony! I have learnt the hard way like many others, however I have also taken on board that we do not own people regardless of faith, beliefs, or history. I believe people are free to be who they are, with boundries yes, however we cannot put pressure on them, we have only one right, that is to accept that we can accept their behaviour or walk away, they are entitled to their own journey good or bad.

  2. Diane

    I just had a reading from Astrid and she was right on about my husband and the situation.She gave me details about our relationship and why it was ending. She also said that there was someone else coming in and not to feel guilty. I won’t relate why someone is a $ 4.00 a minute to how good they are. She was worth the world to me. I feel so much better now and she helped me see the whole picture. I will talk to her again, I’m sure!!


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