Dreams: A Childhood Home

Messages in Dreams

Visiting your childhood home is a common dream scenario. Such dreams usually occur when you’re dealing with a problem that stems from your upbringing. After all, your childhood is where you developed the foundation of who you are. The traditions, emotional patterns and beliefs you learned while growing up will influence you, for good or for bad, as an adult.

Dreams of your childhood home can reveal an ingrained belief or attitude that is keeping you from manifesting what you want now, like a compatible relationship or success in your work. For instance, if you were taught by your parents not to expect very much from life, you’ll settle for less in your work and relationships as an adult. You may find yourself repeatedly attracting partners who don’t treat you well. To help you resolve this problem and attract someone fabulous, your dreams will present scenarios involving your childhood home that reveal the root of your issue. Working with the symbols and feelings in these dreams will help you eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. When you need help figuring out what  your dream means, call a psychic expert in dream interpretation.

Anna’s Dream
Anna from Manila had a compelling dream that illustrates – rather dramatically – that she’s in the process of eliminating some negative childhood patterns, most likely in preparation for marriage. She writes:

I had a dream about flying back to my childhood home, which seemed bigger than it really is. I went to each room and flew all over, saying to some unseen beings, “Get out, get out and never come back!” I repeated that for each of the rooms until I was done with the whole house. What surprised me about the dream was that it seemed so natural for me to fly and that it all seemed so real. I usually have a sense of knowing that I am dreaming or asleep as I dream. I didn’t feel tired at all, and in fact was so satisfied at the end. This dream was immediately followed by a dream about looking at three wedding gown designs and each of the designs had different grooms associated with them.

The unseen beings in Anna’s house were actually ingrained beliefs from childhood that she’s dispelling from her psyche. The fact that the house was bigger than she remembered indicates the enormous influence these beliefs have over her life – more than she’d thought, actually. What’s so impressive was the feeling of power and confidence with which she exorcised these “ghosts.” So satisfying!

Also, dreams that are clustered together are messages about the same concern. For Anna, the dreams of the house and the wedding gowns were part of the same message, which was to free herself of the past so she can choose a mate who’s right for her.

An important element of Anna’s dream was her effort to purge every room. Each room of a house represents a different part of your life, so Anna was quite thorough in banishing every negative element of the past. If you have a dream that focuses on your childhood kitchen, for instance, you may be exploring issues you have with food. Dreams of your bedroom can reveal concerns about privacy or intimacy, while the living room represents everyday family patterns. The attic symbolizes your higher consciousness, like your spiritual beliefs, while the basement reveals hidden, unconscious factors from your past that influence you today.

How You Feel
Also, pay special attention to how you felt in the dream, which will reveal more clues about the dream’s message. As with Anna, positive feelings indicate you feel empowered in resolving the past. Or you may just be revisiting the love and support you received while growing up. On the other hand, negative feelings indicate you’re struggling with something that stems from your childhood. Meditation, therapy and, especially dream analysis, will help you move forward so you can achieve your aspirations.

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9 thoughts on “Dreams: A Childhood Home

  1. Suzie

    My reacting dream
    Is going back to my childhood home , it’s abandoned and falling apart.
    Still things of my family’s there I pick up
    I always try to fix the house and get so overwhelmed with everything

    In reality my house was in 2 acres in the city , 2driveways old 1940 rancher big gardens and fish ponds

    Demolished to make condos

  2. Ravie Goyal

    I am a Male and I frequently have a dream of my childhood home. Very often, the view is of ground floor (My was a joint family and we used to live on ground floor). Sometimes, I see myself enjoying a festival get togetherwith family members, sometimes I see myself playing in the courtyard in the centre of the house, sometimes I see my grandparents have become alive, and I always see and move into the very prominent area of the house that is the house entrance running into court yard and then, in one room of the house where I used to study, where my bookshelf and almiraha was laying, where my computer was installed… this room used to be my fathers office also… It was not my bedroom. I see myself making love to a my girlfriend or a partner in that room.
    I would agree, insecurity is very prominent in my nature… I was not good at studies, i have miserably failed in school days.. I always have that desire to be good at school, settled life and romancing a sexy partner..

    I am trying to figure out what it could mean..

  3. Juan

    I keep on having constant dreams of my childhood home I also walk around the house and through the main hall way witch was the only one we had it had 5 rooms and in my dream I literally go inside each room the garage and back yard I also sat down on the living room couches but only weird thing is that in my dream there is something in the house but can’t see but I can feel that it’s bad also In my dream I try to leave the house and even ended up jumping the side of my fence just to get help but when I try and leave I end up back inside the house idk it’s just makes me think alot I never had anything bad happen to me in that house but what I do remember when I lived there in my child hood the owner would always go to the back yard to water his plants at 2 or 3 in the morning I knew this because my big Brothers would wake me up sometimes just to tell me that he was In the back yard watering his plants and worshipping the devil I thought that they just said those things just to try and scare me but ended up finding out that he did and even his oldest son would always tell me that he did not believe in anything else more powerful then him witch my oldest sister ended up married to him but ended up divorcing a few years after she even told me that him and his dad would worship the devil they were a pretty wealthy family and till this day I believe there wealthier than before

  4. Catheine Adams

    I dreamt last night that the people who own our childhood home let me look round it to see the changes. (My dad does knows them in real life but i don’t) i was nervous as i my mum and brother died when living there and my mum actually died in the house. (This is true in life) there were some parts of the house the same as when we lived there such as the entrance, kitchen and stairs and some dramatic changes such as the pond being turned into a stunning swimming pool area. I woke up just as i was saying goodbye to them. Should i be worried at all? When looking round the house in my dream i felt a fascination and then sigh of relief. When i woke i obviously felt sad about my mum and brother but not anxious at all. Any ideas please? 🙂

  5. Shulamit

    In last night’s dream I was as back to my childhood home. More specifically my bedroom. I was always so scared in that room ( it was at the very end of the house). In my dream I went in it alone, the ceiling had been destroyed in one corner ( that house has been demolished and town center was développed there) but somehow when I inspected to look for damage to the room there was no damage.
    Also I was always so scared as a child to look under my bed and under that heavy antique French armoire. But in my dream I finally checked under these furniture and co queerest that fear. It was very weird dream. I dare to hope that the fact I didn’t feel anything negative, more like revisiting and seeing that I am not scared anymore, means I have somehow reached a better spot in my life and moved away from some childhood fears and blockages maybe.

  6. Faye

    Im a 28 year old female i keep having the same dream of a childhood home where im running around the house and garden so happy and then it all goes dark and im crying what does this mean?

  7. Lennon

    I always had this dream with my homes and I fly be on the air while watching me and I look them down..


    Am a male and in my late thirties and a Nigerian, i always dream of my childhood house doing the same thing i was doing then. Like sweeping, cooking, cleaning, always afraid of them and they often shout and treat me the same way they treat me as a child. The most painful aspect of my real life is that things are difficult for me and am yet to marry because i don’t have money yet.

  9. femi olomola

    Please I usually have a re-occuring dream of being in my child hood house with my family and neighbour. Some times I see my family eating together, talking or playing with themselves. Sometimes I might be seriously warning one of them for any action I didn’t like. Pls I need your advice as to what this re-occuring dream could mean.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Femi S O


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