Dreaming In Color

Science tells us that color affects our feelings when we are awake – and the same is true with the dreaming mind. There are many points of view on the meaning of each color we see in our dreams. Let’s explore a few of them…

At one time or another, nearly everyone recalls colors that appear in their dreams – and science tells us that approximately 70% of the population dreams in color. This statistic was proven after lab testing subjects were awakened from the REM (dreaming) state. Some subjects (13%) reported some kind of color, but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly what colors they had seen. Under normal dream circumstances, only 25% to 29% of people recall color in their dreams. Researchers tell us most people do not remember specific colors in their dreams. Rather, they recall the most emotionally charged part of any given dream.

One theory holds that color in our dreams is an expression of our emotional states at the time of the dream. Another school of thought is that the color in our dreams, just like the dream symbols themselves, are very subjective and – also very affected by cultural factors.

Some believe that those who dream in color are vibrating at a higher resonance level than those who dream in black and white.

And finally, there is a belief that psychics of the past recognized real correlations between colors in the aura and corresponding feelings.

Ready to explore the meanings of the colors themselves?

Remember, that just as in a Tarot reading – where no card stands alone – in a dream no one symbol or color should be interpreted by itself. Everything is related to everything else in a dream. Let’s begin with the primary colors:

Red: This color is seen as very masculine, very strong – and indicative of raw energy. It embodies love and the life force itself. It can also represent intense anger. A red mirror, for example, might symbolize unexpressed anger. And in dreams, word play is usually important – so “seeing red” naturally denotes anger. A burning fire might mean uncontrollable rage.

Blue: Calm and spirituality are the usual connotations of blue, so this color might represent peace of mind, or harmony. One cultural association is with the Virgin Mary. The color might also have to do with “feeling blue,” or something that is “true blue.” Blue may also denote a need for calmness, depending on the rest of the dream.

Yellow: The sun is one strong association with the color yellow, so the color may sometimes represent happiness. Conversely, yellow can symbolize cowardice – consider the expression “yellow belly.” Yellow may symbolize the uncertainty of that nauseating feeling when one is unable to do the right thing.

Let’s look at some “neutral” tones, as well:

Black: Out of blackness comes light. This color symbolizes the beginning of spiritual development. Alchemists of old saw black as being the first level of psychic life. Black can denote trouble – or death. Black also typifies mystery, and sometimes danger.

White: Innocence, virginity, cleanliness, spiritual awareness – these are some meanings of this color. Also, new beginnings are often represented by white. Taking into account the cultural layer in dreams, we see that in some Eastern cultures white denotes death.

Off-white: Purity, with a bit of worldliness mixed in.

Black and white: Dreams in black and white usually symbolize the dreamer’s perspective of seeing things either one way or the other, with no “gray shades” in between. When this is the case, the dream signals the need for more flexibility. Black and white can also simply mean that the answers you are seeking are not complex. Sometimes they are just “black and white” – right there in front of you.

Gray: Confusion, fear, illness. Gray often suggests a hidden meaning. It can also connote emotional distance. For instance, a “gray area” around a building or a person in a dream indicates something that is obscured, or a truth that is somehow cloaked.

Beige: This shade speaks of the basics, or something earthy. Beige shows a person’s feelings as being “neutral.”

Brown: The color of the earth. This is the color of fertility as well. In a dream, brown can typify the accomplishment of dreams, of work – or a set purpose.

Remember that with all dreams, we should run them through our personal filters first. A nice exercise would be to take out your pastels or magic markers, and begin creating your own personal color spectrum!

Have you dreamed in color recently? Let us know!

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